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I myself did this to my girlfriend, I myself so caressed and kissed my girlfriend, and now I myself am a girl.
I just took down the roof from the excitement.
Then he stopped and said that he also wanted to take a shower and that I would not be bored.
He poured me a brandy and went to the shower.
I sat and tried to find an excuse, an excuse for what I was doing.

There was no excuse, there is only an overwhelming desire to surrender, just relax and surrender to his will.
He came out of the bathroom completely naked, his cock was still hanging, but he was already swollen.
He came to me and I did not take my eyes off his penis.
“Well, please caress my friend,” he said, and came close to my face.
His cock hung right before my eyes, I heard his smell, I looked at him and did not move.
“I can’t do it right away, I’m not ready yet,” I replied, looking at his dick.
In fact, I wanted to, really wanted to touch him with my tongue, but I couldn’t overcome myself.

“Oh, you are a capricious slut,” he said with force pulled my head to my groin by the back of the head.
He pressed my face to his member, held and pressed my nape, and moved and rubbed his groin and member on my face.
It was nice to feel a hot dick on your face.
When his head opened up from friction and sometimes touched his lips, I could feel the wet discharge on his head.
Then he moved away and, holding my head with one hand, with the other hand began to run his member over my face.
It was a pleasure.
I was sitting did not move, but he slapped me with a member on the cheeks and ran his head over his eyes, cheeks, then he drew patterns and slowly moved to my lips.
I was waiting for this, let him make me take a dick in my mouth, let him stick it.
He leaned his head against his lips and slowly began to drive it over my lips.
Then he began to push his lips, pressing the member, and I succumbed and his member penetrated into my mouth.

I almost finished.
I squat, in a woman’s robe on a naked body, and next to it is a man and his dick to be in my mouth.
I began to touch his penis with his tongue.
It is very nice.
The man began slowly but more confidently to stick my head on his penis.
He just fucked me in the mouth.
His cock was already strong and wet.
I was fond of pleasure, I took hold of his hips and sucked his dick.
I didn’t even notice how I seized the initiative, now he wasn’t standing agile and I was putting my mouth on his dick, I was sucking dick to the peasant.
My excitement threw a lightning somewhere in the region of a falcon in the ass.
Sometimes I took it out and licked the head with my tongue, lifted up and licked the trunk from the eggs to the bridle and down again, then touched my lips and kissed it along the entire length and then sucked again.
Then he removed my head and said that he wanted to lie down.
He lay down on the sofa, spread his legs wide and told me to continue.

I sat down between his legs and began again to lick his cock, caress the tip of the tongue, kiss the head with his lips, suck it all in his mouth.
My excitement was going off at that moment, I didn’t know who I was, boy, girl, gay, it didn’t matter, I just wanted to suck this dick.
Here he shuddered all over, moaned, twitched and began to cum in my mouth.
At first the smell of sperm filled my mouth, but I continued to suck, and then I felt the taste of sperm and here are a couple of pushes and he wilted.
The sperm poured out of my mouth, but I continued to suck it and smear the sperm with my tongue until his dick wore too.
My face, chin lips were in semen, I was just finished in the mouth but I was pleased, although I did not know what to do next.
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