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When asked where they came from, Olya, with a laugh, waved her hand – where we are not.
But mainly in Switzerland, there is the main office of the firm’s firm, sometimes in Paris, on short visits in London.
But here, to their homeland, they come too often – to really rest.
At these elite resorts, the horses die of melancholy, you know, they will not allow them to take a step in order not to serve.
Here is true freedom and unity with nature.

And this time, Misha also wants to open a branch here, so they decided everything at once.
Yes, only with the staff problem.
There is nothing you need to know, they will teach everything, the problem of finding trustworthy.
You have no idea how hard it is to find loyal people, Olga laughed again.
Ivanovs, leaving, invited them to their dinner.
And on the way back they thought about the same thing.
Is it good there in Switzerland?
Because they are exactly trustworthy people.
On the occasion of the already burning sun, all four are only in the bathing room.
The women began cooking, and the men sat down in the shade under the trees to drink the cold beer brought by Misha, ordering Lesha to do their housework.
– What are you reading? , – flopped on a bedspread next to Natasha’s daughter Sidorovs, Olesya.

Unlike Natasha, she had not yet gone up, so she was shorter, thinner, and lower-legged, which seemed like a girl, not a girl.
Honestly, Natasha did not read as much as she did in the sun and thought about her, girl, so that the content of the read was not left in her head at all.
She herself had to look at the cover – “Gone With the Wind”.
“Oh,” said Olesya with respect, “is an adult book.”
Natasha shrugged.
It is clear the matter, an adult, not to read her children’s books.
“I do not read well in Russian,” complained Olesya.
– And you say well.
– Well, yes, we speak Russian at home.
Olesya ducked her head and traced the direction of Natasha’s gaze.
There, in the gap between the bushes that surrounded their small clearing, Alyosha was a little visible.
He brought a whole tree out of the forest, and now he was chopping it.
Not yet masculine, but already a strong and harmonious body flexed its muscles, the ax hatched up in the sun and went down — a boom — with one blow, chopping off another branch.
“Lech is a fool,” Olesya said briefly.
– Why is this? – Natasha was surprised, – he is your brother.
– So what? Anyway, fool.
– And what is he doing this? – Yes, in general.
Well, let’s say, on it all the girls in the school dry, through me little notes are sent.

And he does not answer one.
He says they are all fools and he does not like.
He says love will be waiting.
Is this your opinion not a fool?
I have never been one of those who love to get out into nature and live in tents.
The ideal place for a weekend in my presentation was a luxurious hotel near Moscow with a huge en-suite bathroom and a lobby bar with live music on the floor below.
However, my wife loves nature and I rarely manage to realize my dreams, because she usually plans our free time.
I thought that it would be nice if she planned our next weekend, knowing that as a result there would be an event with access to nature.
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