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Then he got up and headed towards the still-lying Rebecca.
While yes, – he answered, finally, stretching her hand.
– And then – we’ll see.
The powerful figure of the master of the cabinet on two heads towered above the slender young tigress, faithfully looking into his eyes.
Yes, at other times and in her usual surroundings, she would have looked ferocious and indomitable.

Now she felt extremely embarrassed.
Khan stretched out his paws to her: one of them began to unzip at the tight-fitting dress, the other – to expose a centimeter by centimeter of her body.
I’m glad you REALLY understand this.
One hemisphere of her breast was already free of covering tissue – and then she was captured by her hungry fingers.
The swollen black nipple berry pleasantly tickled Khan’s palm.
Gently kissing a powerful neck, the female broke off the fly on the pants of her master.
Blue buttons splashed in all directions, and, jumping, rolled over the entire floor.
Khan felt a breath of fresh air on his vacant member.
The remains of the mind disappeared under the pressure of the image of the quivering body.
Snarling deafly, Khan turned her back to himself, and clawed at her resilient trembling ridge, forcing her body to bend in ecstasy.

With her free hand, she directed his burning quivering end into her bosom, which at once shuddered at his wild rage.
The aromas of lust engulfed both, again and again they tormented the exhausted flesh, until they fell to the floor, filled with sweet-smelling juice and spicy sperm.
Out of the corner of his eye, Balu noticed at eleven o’clock dozens of black dots, however, rapidly increasing.
Squinting, he watched them, until finally they turned.
Sharply the wheel to the right, to leave in a moment from the machine-gun bursts that have torn the air.
However, one of the ailerons was shattered by a successful pirate.
The plane lost sharply in maneuverability.
Balu, can you hear me? – the receiver came to life, and the plane filled the voice of Kornazh.
– Land immediately! Otherwise, despite the order, I am.
How interesting, really? – shouted to Balu, kicking the button off the radio, trying to shout down the whistle of the wind penetrating through neat rows of bullet holes.
– Fearless pirate obediently obeyed.
I wonder whose? So, behind a clear advantage in strength, we sit down and raise our paws up.
Only ten long steps from wall to door with the head of the pirate guard regularly bent in the hole in it past a narrow iron bench with Kean and Rebecca hanging hung headlong.

Suddenly, he turned abruptly, but did not have time to open his mouth, as he grated the lock.
Forced slightly bending down so as not to hit his head on the joint, an experienced hog went inside.
Looking around, he fixed his eyes on his small, blood-stained peephole at Miss Cunningham.
Mr. Don Kornage wants to see you.
Rebecca recoiled from his outstretched hand, Balu tried to knock him off his feet, but was casually pushed aside, as was the growling Kit.
The gangster grabbed the captive by the shoulder and jerked him, almost dislocating her arm, pulled her out into the corridor.
The door slammed shut again, the prisoners confusedly looked at each other.
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