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I have seen so many members in my life, and not in porn films at all.
Overcoming my feigned fear, I gently touched him with my lips.
Nothing terrible happened.
Then I licked my tongue and looked at Denis.
He blissfully closed his eyes and breathed heavily.

I gently took the head in my mouth and began to caress her tongue.
Denis put his hands on my head and, tilting it, asked me the pace of translational movements.
His cock moved smoothly through my lips, all accelerating.
Contrary to expectations, I was not disgusted, on the contrary, I really love blowjob.
Apparently, Denis was very overexcited, because soon he groaned and jerked my head so sharply that I almost choked.
A second later, a warm and elastic jet hit my mouth.
I tried to push him away, but Denis did not let me do this.
The jets beat one by one, and I had to swallow everything in order not to choke.
I swallowed everything, but he didn’t seem to be going to stop his flow.
Finally, Denis pushed my head away and collapsed on the bed exhausted.

At the same time, a few drops of semen mixed with my saliva flowed down my chin and fell on my T-shirt.
– It was just not likely.
– he exhaled.
Still, because I know the value of his skill.
I looked up and saw that Igor and Pasha were in the room and saw everything.
That’s great, I thought, do not need extra words.
Pasha came to me, on the move unbuttoning his pants.
There was no point in resisting.
I pulled off my shirt, so as not to dirty it putting their elastic titschki on public display and squatted in front of him.
He lowered his trousers and underpants down to his knees to make me comfortable, and unbuttoned his shirt.
His penis was much larger than Denis.
I took it into my hands with curiosity and carefully licked it.
The wand, in gratitude, answered with a drop of clear liquid.
I licked it again and gently wrapped my head around my head.
Pasha exhaled loudly and put his hands on the back of my head.
I myself began to make forward movements of the head, trying to give affection to the whole penis, and especially to the head.

I tried to find something for my hands: I put one on his buttocks, and the other grabbed the scrotum.
He accelerated the movement, but did not push hard, so as not to make me unpleasant.
Dummy, I can do a blowjob, only very nice.
This story happened 10 years ago, when my young parents disappeared for several months on the watch of the oilmen, not having time to return home, the mother left part of her younger sister’s money for 11 years – Lyuba, and with her father immediately left for the resort to squander the rest of the money, then again watch.
, I was a buzz to my parents, so they gave me to my aunt Lyuba, who studied at the medical institute, she was 20 years old, she was an immaculate beauty with a charming figure – but had a major drawback.
, was extremely strong and explosive in nature and was very pugnacious – she beat all her boys and remained a (old) maiden while there were already families and children in her peers.
One morning I woke up after an erotic dream – there was a strong stanch which bulged out stretching pants.
, I relish with a touch of sleep I leave the room – and my aunt was going to wake me up.
, looking at my vidocq and grabbing me by the forelock, let’s reprimand me like a dirty dish, crumbs on the table, floor.
, but this is only a pretext to kick the bottom of that.

I sat down on the sofa right there at the door, bending me over my thighs — I began to slap my hand on my palm, I broke free to run to the toilet and cast in the morning and would not disgrace myself in my 12 years.
In addition, at this early age the pubis is completely covered with hair, sperm appeared when he masturbated after closing in the bathroom after seeing the flashed half-naked aunt, I have lately become increasingly embarrassed about her.
Not having time to run away like an aunt grabbed my hand and forcefully pushed behind my back, and with my other hand pulled off the panties, the vacant member smacked smack on the stomach.
, the aunt pretended that she did not notice and bent over me through her left thigh – the eggs from the outside and looked at the member on the thigh and inward looked out, and with the thorax put it on the right thigh.
I put my hand on the floor.
Aunt holding my right hand behind my back and my left handing out weighty slaps then one buttock then in an arc every 3 – 5 minutes went over to ironing and reading morality skillfully selecting words from which everything compressed me and became very ashamed and my main forces went away not to be disgraced and disgraced.

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