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Well, that clothes are dry.
And come home not earlier than in three hours.
Lena and I need to talk about the weather.
– I grinned.
“And you,” now I turned to Luce, “through me you will give them money.”

And no later than a week.
Otherwise, you understand what will happen next.
Roma will give you my cell phone.
Chapter 4 Alexander
It was already dark, but Bobby would not let the light go on.
She went to the closet and got some strange costume from the hanger.
Then she began to dress Katie in him.
It was a latex jumpsuit with a helmet and boots.
Kate caught her breath as the African woman tightened her waist to the merciless lacing of the corset.
Then something rubber was inserted into the girl’s mouth — Catherine could only guess at the details of her dress, but Ethiopian seemed to see everything in the dark, her eyes glowed with some kind of cat glitter.
And only now she turned on the light.
The room was again separated by a glass mirror, the bed was again halved.

Alex was not with them.
Looking in the mirror, Katya was speechless.
From head to toe, she was pulled into a bright red scarlet latex jumpsuit.
The helmet left only his eyes open — a decent-sized rubber gag of the same scarlet color was sticking out of his mouth.
On each chest were made round holes.
Slightly higher than the navel, an oval cut going down, opening the abdomen, pubis, pussy and going to the butt and even higher – to the lower back.
The legs were also covered in scarlet latex in the form of either a stocking, or a high-heeled boot and a thick, sole-platform.
An imitation of a black horse mane flaunted on the crown, nape and neck.
The fucking red horse is being prepared, Kat thought with interest.
But Bobby, as before, was completely naked, only on her feet were unusual gold leather shoes in tune with numerous ornaments on her dark body.
They looked like ballerina’s shoes (it seemed as if the hermaphrodite was standing on pointe shoes), but were equipped with sharp, like a stylet, heels, the highest ones that Catherine had ever seen – almost 20 centimeters of foot, from heel to fingertips.

The shoes were fixed to the legs with the help of the thinnest narrow straps, which, crossing over, rose along the legs almost to the knees.
Moving easily around the room – apparently, the years spent at the ballet school had an effect, the Ethiopian woman put the girl on the bed on all fours and began to lubricate her anus with a pleasantly smelling jelly.
Then she took from the nightstand an object that looked like a scarlet rubber pear with a conical end on one side and a half-meter horsehair tail on the other.
She smeared it with the same aromatic potion as the anus, into which she then stuck several fingers.
Kat guessed that she was waiting for her, but did not resist and tried to maximally relax her anus.
She felt how the ring of muscles around the anus, contrary to her desire, reflexively tensed and pushed a foreign object squeezing inside.
Still, the head of Alexander’s dick was a bit narrower, although even with great difficulty she made her way into her ass last night.

But Bobby was persistent and, putting the plug for the ass to the side, put the index and middle fingers of both hands into the anus.
Then she slowly began to spread them apart, stretching the tiny hole.
She opened and folded again, giving Kate to get used to not quite pleasant feelings.
After several such exercises, the anus seemed to burn like a flame, but the soreness evaporated, giving way to a pleasant feeling of anticipation of a quick fuck.
Another – now successful – attempt, and in the ass of the girl flaunted a scarlet cork, adorned with a thick bundle of shiny black horsehair.
The transformation into a horse took place! Kat could not see that her tormentor had attached a small pump in a bright red pear, hammered into her butt, and began to pump air into her.
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