The fine line of the Lush fantasy and reality worlds could certainly be breached here.
He asked where my husband was tonight.
I hesitated for a moment and then replied, “Out of town.
” Before he could answer, a second man joined the conversation.Chrstians breaking up dating.
He told me that he had seen my profile before and was glad to finally catch me on line.
He too said he loved my photos, as well as my stories.

I asked which story he liked the most.
“Amy and The Stranger,” he replied, “Because I can imagine myself as the stranger.
” This made me really wet and I asked if he had a 10″ cock like the story.Ebony tits pool orgy video.
My mouth hung open when the reply came back.
” “Let me see it,” I said.
Moments later, an image arrived with him holding a ruler along side his massive 10 1/2″ cock.
Suitor Number One now replied that he thought we should meet.
“Way too soon,” I typed.
“We hardly know each other yet.
” He asked what I wanted to know about him.
“Which of my pictures turns you on the most and why,” I questioned.Never married man looking for love.

He answered that it was a tough question because he loved them all, but that if he had to pick just one it would be the black and white photo of my husbands cock getting ready to penetrate me.

lets chat and see if we should meet.