I said yes.
Any time spent with Leo is good time spent, and I’d finally get to see where he lived.
So I came back, picked him up at 8pm, and drove him home.
We chatted on the way home.
He was in a good mood, talkative. Fantasy meeting 38 west juneau alaska 38.
It wasn’t far to his house.
When we got there, he invited me in for a drink.
See the inside of his house, hell yeah! Drink with him, hell yeah! We went in.

He said he had beer, or Rum and Coke.
I took the rum and coke. Lilocat www xxx cals.
He had a beer.
We sat at his dining room table and talked.
We talked about work, about a TV series he had finished that I was watching.
I was working up the courage to tell him about a recent adventure I had with my husband. Ninacaprice silent cam chat.
I had told him before that my husband and I were planning a threesome with another guy.

We finally had it, and I wanted to gauge his reaction.
So I told him all about it.
He was very quiet while I spoke.
As I finished, I explained that until that day, I had never been with anyone else. Breast cancer rash on breast.
He asked, “So you liked being with someone else?” “Yes, I loved it,” I replied.
“Would you do it again?” I explained, “Yes, but I am not sure it will be with the same guy.
It was hot, but he and I didn’t really connect all that well.

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He doesn’t talk much, and it is hard to read him.
I am not secure with myself enough to spend a lot of time with someone I can’t read.
” “Problem is, I don’t know how or where to find someone else.
Not a lot of experience picking up guys,” I continued. Live life cam xxx video free.
He just looked at me for a long time not saying anything.
It looked like he was thinking pretty hard.
It worried me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told him.
I got up, afraid to sit still and went to the sink to wash out my glass. Nigerian profiles people search online friend dating.
Fear put me momentarily in my own world.
Moments later I came back to myself to find him standing behind me, one hand on the sink on each side of me.
He wasn’t touching me, but damn close.
He leaned in to my ear and whispered fiercely, “ Fuck me!” My heart froze in my chest, then exploded.

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My skin turned to ice, then flaming heat.
Breathless, I respond by leaning back into him, because words wouldn’t come.
His body was warm on my back, and the bulge in his pants drove my mind further from me. Free femdom ball kicking.
He inhaled deeply, nose to my neck and then he nuzzled it, his lips and teeth playing a trail from my ear to my shoulder.
He took his hands off the sink and ran them down my sides to my hips, pressing himself harder against me.

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I reached one hand behind me to touch his head, gripping the sink firmly with the other hand for fear of falling.
“Leo!” I whisper.
He groans, and gently turns me around to face him, pressing me against the sink.

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