Kimberly was lusting so much for the large shaft that she actually needed to restrain herself from swallowing it whole right away.
Instead, she decided to tease him a bit first by licking it slowly all around, from the base to the tip, and then swirling her tongue around the bulbous head as she let out loud, drawn out moans and jerked the base of his shaft. Woman seeking sex chandler arizona.
There was so much area for her to cover that it took Kimberly quite a few licks to fully coat his cock in her saliva in anticipation of putting the whole thing in her mouth, and she knew that she was going to need the lubrication to fit it all the way in.

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With his cock finally fully lubricated with with her saliva, and Nathaniel already breathing in deep, raspy breaths, Kimberly decided it was time to go all in and inhaled his cock all the way into the back of her throat. Pantyhose anal insert.
Her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft and she swallowed, causing her throat to grip the teen’s sizable head.
Nathaniel was so overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock getting squeezed by the experienced woman’s throat that he started to go limp in response, causing him stagger back a bit.

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Kimberly managed to keep his cock in her mouth, letting herself be pulled forward, which wasn’t too hard, seeing as how her throat practically had a death grip around the head of his cock.
Once Nathaniel had managed to get used to the new sensation of a woman’s mouth around his cock and steady himself, Kimberly started to bob her head back and forth over his sizable shaft.

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