It fattened nicely in his hand and he squeezed it again.
By now, Ben was fully engaged in his cock.
He shifted the sheet and blanket so he could look at himself for the first time this morning.
The tip of his penis was a deep rose color. Smoking cum facial.
Its length was a lighter pink.
Ben squeezed his dick, hard, and his glans turned purple and nearly doubled in size.
The skin on his cock head became shiny as it went taut from the pressure of the new blood in it.

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The hole at the tip nearly disappeared as the flesh around it swelled under the attention.
He relaxed his grip; his dickhead went back to the lovely matte rose color it had been, but stayed a bit larger than before. 2 girls give handjob blowhob.
Amanda made a little sound, half a breath and half a word.
Ben froze; he had forgotten her.
She coughed lightly, then turned slightly further onto her left side and resumed the normal slow breathing of her sleep.

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Ben waited a full minute without moving, but he did flex his left hand from time to time to keep his cock interested.
It stayed hard.
During the minute, Ben remembered fucking Amanda very hard on Saturday night past. Tall women midget video.
They had been changing positions every few minutes, partly to avoid the routine sex that they both hated, but also because their bodies were older than they had been and they were sometimes prone to discomfort if they didn’t shift their weight around.

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When they both came, it had been with Ben standing at the side of their bed with his dick up Amanda’s pussy, while her toes pointed at the ceiling and she urged him on, “Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… Oh jeez… Oh fuck… Shit, shit, shit… You bastard, you better fuck me… Oh God… Oh God… Oh fuck… Aaaahhh… Oh shit, that was good…” Ben had held back his orgasm as best he could, and this time he got the timing perfect.

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