I’m ecstatic, aching, we’re moving too fast and too slowly all at once.
In the bedroom my phone starts to ring.
It spurs something in you, a sense of urgency that at last overtakes your actions.
You glide my knickers down my legs and I step out of them, with my back to the wall we’re kissing like newly-mets at a house party. Xxx photos kajal.
I’m murmuring and half-smiling into your mouth as our teeth click awkwardly in our haste.

I wrap one leg up around your thigh, stretching my pussy into an inviting smile for you.
You hitch up my hips with the help of the wall, sliding inside me in an inevitable stroke that has us both reeling. Pregnant cam girl.
No time to stop now, its sad, beautiful and fast.
I’m tight from lack of practice and our position is precarious but it feels like heaven the way your cock enters me, diving in and out of my pussy at just the right angle.

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Sweet, almost-unbearable pressure mounts quickly.
Friction from our coupling drives at my g-spot and I’m star-bound; my arms wrapped around your neck, my legs locked around you.
My cunt is an inferno; my mind is as blank as the erotic darkness that surrounds us. Is marie fredriksson a lesbian.
I want you to explode, I do.
I lick your lips and pant and I make strange noises I wouldn’t even know how to muster were I sane and in control of my desire, my choices.

I feel like I’m lit from within.
In this rapid fucking I have forgotten the people we have become and all I can hear past the silence of the house is the moisture between my thighs welcoming you back. Gay amsterdam map.
You pick up the pace, slapping your thighs against mine as you drive us both to the brink.
I get strands of my long hair caught in my mouth when you pull out completely before jamming your bloated, rigid cock back into my peach.

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There’s lots of eye contact and I can’t look away, the total honesty in your actions reflected in the impossible blue-ness of your eyes.
They glow.
Finally I cum screaming, tortured into a gut-wrenching, mind-blowing orgasm that starts in my little toes and towers over me, washing me in lust and freedom and a beautiful, shameless sense of wonder that is only temporary.

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