The game hand ended and she was back in the lobby between rounds so she could start paying attention to him more, which he realized when he felt another pair of hands yanking off his shorts and boxers. Voyeur young girl masturbating on bed.
He closed his eyes and smiled as she wrapped one delicate hand around his raging member and took her headset off with the other one.
Her strokes alternated between twisting and pumping one hand along his shaft while her other massaged his balls.
“Mmmm, such a nice cock.

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I want a taste.
” She leaned forward suddenly and kissed the head of it, taking a drop of precum onto her lips before licking them clean.
“I love your cum Parker, I want more.
” He moaned as she took the head of his cock into her mouth for a second as she kept pumping his shaft. Free quicktime fisting movies.
She swirled her tongue around it, making sure to flick his guitar string and run the tip of her tongue over his urethra before pulling back and running the underside of her tongue along the bottom of his member until her tongue was resting on his balls and his cock was laying against her face.

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She suckled and licked them while stroking his heavy cock, dripping precum onto her face and into her hair before quickly dragging her tongue back up his cock and taking it into her mouth, stopping only to gag slightly before burying her nose in his crotch.
“Oh God Jasmine, you’re fucking amazing at this!” He said with a loud moan before putting both of his hands on her head.

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She bobbed her head back and forth along his cock, sometimes going less than a quarter of the way up and others going so far back that she was just barely kissing the tip before taking the entire length of it back into her throat. Anime dating sim flash game.
After a minute she slowed her pace, not wanting him to finish just yet.
She would hold him half way in her mouth, bobbing back and forth with his cock pressed against her cheek, making it bulge out as she worked.

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One hand moving from his shaft where her mouth stopped, to his balls and back again.
Her other hand moved between being stuffed into her shorts to obsessively rub her pussy, and playing with her perfectly sized breasts.