I rubbed the head of my cock against her slit, using her juices to help lubricate it.
Jan was gasping and panting hard just at that slight touch of my dick.
Slowly I began to slide it inside her and it seemed to take her breath away. Dasha-mira webcam sexy porn free online.
I moved in and out very deliberately and slowly, not wanting to overwhelm her.
Jan suddenly froze, just laying there underneath me as I gave her more of my cock.

I was certain that the worst had happened, that she wasn’t ready, that she wasn’t enjoying this. Women seeking sex maignaut.
Damn, what a fool I was! I thought she was ready, but I was wrong.
I should have stopped after the oral.
She enjoyed that, but this was proving to be a big turn-off for her.
I stopped moving and began to pull out, disappointed that I had misjudged the situation.
“Please don’t stop,” she said.
“Oh, God, if you stop now I’ll never speak to you again.
” Now I was really confused.
“Jan, I thought you weren’t enjoying this.

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You were so quiet and you seemed to freeze up.
I thought maybe you weren’t ready.
” “Oh, I’m more than ready for this, Frank.
I was so overcome with us actually making love I went kinda numb and couldn’t talk. Young gilrs asian naked.
You keep fucking me, Frank.
I want this more than you’ll ever know.
” I began moving inside her again.
This time, Jan wrapped her legs around my waist and put her hands on my shoulders as she began to move in time with my thrusts, slowly at first but steadily taking more of me inside her.

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Her hips raised as I began to pick up the tempo and her nails dug into my shoulders as her passion took over.
“More, Frank!