For eye color it listed “DIC.
” I looked at her eyes – they were green.
“Say, Julie, why is your eye color listed as ‘DIC’ on your license?” “Oh, that’s kind of embarrassing, Jerry.
It means ‘ dichromatic. Wife sloppy blowjobs.
’” “OK,” I laughed, “then what does ‘dichromatic’ mean?” “Oh, sorry; it means that my eyes are different color.
” “They look green to me,” I said staring into them.
“I have a colored contact in.

” With that she put her fingers to her right eye and popped out a contact, then looked at me smiling. Locals who want to fuck coila mississippi.
“By God, it’s gray,” I said staring even more intently.
Even though Julie was smiling suddenly I got uneasy.
Her eyes were enchanting, hypnotizing, even bewitching.
It took all my will power to stop staring as I nervously reached for my car keys, and stuttered out, ”OK, Julie, let me go down with you to the car and I’ll show you some unusual features.

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” I had no idea why I said that, because I hadn’t done it with any other renters but instead just relied on CarQwik to give them the information that they needed.
As Julie drove away she demurely waved, and I waved back. Erotic sky spa library road reviews.
Why are there butterflies in my stomach? I asked myself as I rode up on the elevator.
Julie brought the car back early Sunday morning, just as agreed.

Rather than merely placing the keys in the lock box next to my parking place, which was standard procedure, she brought them up to my condo. Bondage teddy bear ornament.
This time I was the one who was disheveled, having just gotten up about fifteen minutes before she arrived.
She looked much different.
She was nicely, though casually, dressed, her hair was down and combed, she had light makeup on, and no green contact.

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“Sorry, Jerry, I wasn’t sure whether I should leave the keys in the box or bring them to you, so I thought I’d bring them up.
Is that OK? I didn’t mind seeing those captivating eyes again even though I probably looked like shit. Galinalit celebrity free webcam.
Also, I was totally impressed with her present appearance.
Now that she had on clothes that flattered her figure rather than hid it there was no doubt that she had a killer body.

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