The man’s gaze never left her receding form.
Especially her bulbous ass cheeks.
The Husband: Rhea parked her car in the garage and entered her bungalow.
The light clicking of her heels did not go unnoticed by her husband, who was in his study, “Ah, she finally returns.
” he called out and approached her.Breast specialist riddim.
In the context of art, if Rhea were Botticelli’s wet dream then her husband would qualify as a certifiable nightmare.

The contrast did not end at their physical appearance alone, for as wealthy as her husband was, he was also a classless brute, for whom ‘beauty’ was just the amount of zeros in front of his net worth.Old lady kissing.
He also for some reason fancied himself a ladies man, “There she is, the eighth wonder of the world.
” he grinned and delivered a customary smack on his wife’s rump.
“God, I love the way it bounces.
” He breathed slowly and looked at his wife’s passive expression.
“Did you keep your doctor’s appointment?” she asked, much to his chagrin.
“Can’t you let me enjoy a moment’s peace woman?” his hand caressed the curve of her ass cheeks and groped gently.

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