There was, nevertheless, one thing that intrigued me about Jonas and although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, I was sure that he had an ulterior motive.
I got the strong feeling that he wasn’t just interested in my wellbeing, but also in my body. Whores online to chat with for free no sign up.
During my visit, I had got a strong undertone of sexual attentiveness from him.
Given his masculine demeanour, however, I dismissed it as a figment of my overactive adolescent imagination.

A few months before I had begun to have strong homosexual fantasies, but Jonas was conclusively not my type. Anak sex melayu.
Before falling asleep that night, I decided that I would go along with his proposal the following day.
Pure logic simply dictated that something needed to be done and that my mother was definitely in need of some help. Mature pantyhose xxx.
I knew my mum would be as pissed off as hell, but that was just too bad.

The following day, as my mother lay passed out in her room, I went next door and told Jonas that I was in full agreement with his proposal and that he should proceed with his plan. Bisexual mwc amatuer.
That night, I again joined him for dinner.
Strangely, I had also begun to warm to him, completely unaware of the machinations he had begun to orchestrate for my ensnarement.
Not only were his plans falling into place, but I had just unwittingly placed myself under his control.

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As I would find out later, from the minute he saw me he was totally obsessed with me and determined to make me his bum-boy.
Unbeknownst to me, Jonas had spent the preceding weeks masturbating at night, imagining how he would break me in and tame me. Hot girls in long beach mississippi wanting sex.
Regular courtship and romance did not fit in with his plans, because Jonas was simply a sexual control freak.

For the following several days, I ate at his place most evenings as he kept me updated on all the developments pertaining to my mother. Live iphone cam sexy girls.
Finally, when D-day arrived on a Saturday, the authorities arrived at three in the afternoon and found my mother drunk, as usual.
The upsetting scenario that played itself out was rather brief, and before long my mother was in the authorities’ vehicle and heading off to rehab.

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The sad look on her face, as they drove off, was heartrending.
With Jonas present and watching the proceedings, the lady in charge of the operation confirmed that I would be placed in Jonas’s care for the duration of my mother’s treatment. Chat with hot teacher women.
Afterward, I sat in our lounge and cried my eyes out.
Once I had composed myself, Jonas told me to pack my things so we could go next door.

“But, why can’t I just stay here?” I protested.
“What part of; ‘in Jonas’s care,’ did you not understand, Buddy?” he asked in a dismissive tone.

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