As I started, Robin was getting up off Renee whose face was completely coated with my wife’s juices.
As I gave Renee these short little fucks, she responded by moving her hips around, just like Robin did whenever I fucked her the same way.
“Mmm, I like that, Dave, that’s nice,” she said as she continued to move her hips under me.
“Ohhh, that’s gonna make me cum, oh, yeah, keep doing that, it’s fabulous, oooh.
” Well, it was feeling pretty fabulous to me, as well.

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I loved this short-fucking, too, because it really stimulated the tip of my cock where it’s so sensitive.
I knew it wouldn’t be long for me, either.
“Oh, Dave, oh, yes, OOOH, OOOH, mmm, oh, that feels good, so good, mmm.
” Robin was sitting cross-legged on the bed finger-fucking herself as she watched me fuck Renee. Lord__fucker nude girls online.
I kept doing the little short stroking that Robin and I had always enjoyed and it soon put me over the top.
“UUH, UUH, uuh, uuh,” I moaned as I pushed all the way into Renee, emptying my cum deep inside her as she raised her hips off the bed and shook her hips back and forth adding to the pleasure of my cumming.

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I fucked in and out of her a few minutes more, then pulled out and we all three snuggled on the bed.
We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, Robin was laying on her back and Renee was between her legs eating her pussy. Rus school porno gif.
I got up and knelt between Renee’s legs and put my cock up to her pussy as she lifted up off my wife for long enough to say, “Oh, yes, Dave, fuck me, honey, happy anniversary,” and went right beck to sucking my wife’s pussy.

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Renee was so wet, so hot, that my cock slid right up into her.
Gliding in and out of her was almost effortless, she was super slippery inside, I just moved back and forth.
The bed started quaking as Robin began humping and groaning, “UHHN, oh, Renee, oh, right there, oh, OH, OH, OOOH, mmm, mmm.
” I started going a little faster as Renee was now twirling her butt around just adding to the wonderful feel of her pussy as I probed her in and out.

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Her head was still down between Robin’s legs, I expected she was just licking her softly until I got her off.

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