Their prior weekend together had given her experience in how to pleasure Maya.
John’s fantasy of seeing his normally prim and proper wife eating the pussy of another woman was playing out in front of him and it was better than he ever expected.Free xxx live chat online cams.
Pam did not hesitate for a moment.
Her tongue explored every available space.
Her tongue flicked across Maya’s clit, probed deep into her pussy and licked around the rim of her tight ass.

Maya moaned and bucked with pleasure.Wife in string bikini and fucking.
John’s eyes were glued to his wife while his cock throbbed.
Sydney was again behind Pam.
Her fingers worked Pam’s tits.
Pam’s nipples were so incredibly sensitive that Sydney could make her cum just from playing with them.Female yahoo webcam sexlover.
One hand worked Pam’s nipples, while the other pushed up Pam’s skirt giving Sydney full access to her pussy and ass.

Sydney’s hands slid over Pam’s round ass, caressing her.
When the moans began coming from Pam’s mouth, John shifted his gaze, realizing that she was being worked over by Sydney while her mouth continued to give Maya the exhilaration she was experiencing.

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