I gripped my shaft and began to stroke slowly.
Pleasure built as I looked down at Jane watching me masturbate.
Her hands were flat on her lap and her small breasts pressed against the fabric of her sundress as she breathed.25 year old male dating 18 year old female.
She watched my efforts with a singular attention.
I stroked faster.
“I’m going to cum all over you, ” I breathed, “is that OK?” “Yes,” she answered smiling, “do your worst.
” I stroked harder and looked down at her pretty face, the glasses, the short black hair.Posiciones de sexo oral.

It was so pristine and nice but, I thought smiling, it would soon be covered with my cum.
My groin cramped, and I groaned loudly as I reached orgasm.
A wad of cum blasted out of my penis and spattered energetically on the left lens of Jane’s glasses.Naked women fucking minneapolis.
I felt the second wad travel up my shaft and shoot into the air.
It left a rope of cum in her short black hair.
The next several wads pulsed out of my penis and onto the front of her sundress.

A few drops fell into her lap as the spasms of my orgasm subsided.Redhead milf blowjob.
I breathed loudly, stopped stroking, and held my penis tight.
“Oh my god that was awesome,” Jane exclaimed while wiping my cum from her glasses with the skirt of her dress.

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