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Describe yourself.
– Again, everything is the same.
– Be patient a little, it will be good.
Now answer! ABOUT! As he says.
Affectionately, and then more harshly and still without a mat.

I have already begun to understand that he feels me.
Incidentally, I was dressed, as I was about to go to bed.
“I’m pretty slim, with long, dark wavy hair.”
Medium height, chest second size.
Wearing pajamas and white socks.
– Turn on the light, open the curtains.
I was surprised at this, thought at first that he knows who I am.
Although almost immediately threw this thought.
It was about one in the morning from Friday to Saturday.
– I did.
– Now stand on the windowsill and undress, take off everything slowly and erotically.
You can turn on your music.
– Wow. Amateur sex web cams.