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I wondered why I was not unbearably painful. Apparently the whole thing in my desire, his language and cool member, flattened on top, which allowed him a little earlier just as painlessly go into my throat.
I was so exhausted that this guy was the last one for that day.
If the memories are of interest, then they could continue
I got up, Swat pulled her lips off Olesin and hugged me.
My dick took in hand.

We kissed, she jerked me off, I took care of her breasts.
I finished from Svetiya’s hand Olesya in my mouth.
“Fuck me, please,” asked Sveta.
– Required, only first bonus – answered Olesya, setting the camera.
She put Sveta on her knees and started writing on her.
I also really wanted to, so I joined my wife.
We wrote together in the Light.
On the hair, on the face, in the mouth, on the chest in a T-shirt, and pussy in shorts.

Olesya took a knife, cut Sveta at the crotch shorts with her shorts and put it sideways on the bedspread.
I put Sveta in the ass, Olesya in the pussy.
I lowered in the ass, Olesya in the mouth.
Olesya took a smartphone and took a few pictures of Sveta: her hair and clothes were wet from urine, shorts and pants were torn – all the charms are out, her face is in sperm, the sperm flows from her pussy and lubricant.
Light stood and looked at us.
She looked very happy.
– Thanks you.
I haven’t fucked for a long time.
And so, probably, never fucked.
She sat on the grass.
Tears streamed down my face! Olesya and I hugged each other and started kissing.
Before watching the footage about Sergey about us, Olesya and I went for a swim.
Sveta refused to swim and to undress – she liked her “lowered” look.

She really liked the video: – It will be a good daughter-in-law – she stated.
Before leaving, we once again described the Light.
She sat behind the wheel in her car wet and in torn shorts.
Olesya inserted an empty beer bottle into her pussy.
We ourselves started to get home after midnight.
I drove home like Sergey Sergeevich – naked and in the trunk.
Arriving at the house, Olesya opened the trunk and put a collar and leash on me.
I went home naked and on all fours.
In front of the tree he lifted his leg and peed.
Olesya patted my ear.
On New Year’s holidays, I, Vanya and Polina went to visit Kate.
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