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Or maybe it leaves childhood and begins maturing.
Who will understand it.
The next day, Alexey was especially tender and attentive, he got up before me, made coffee, made sandwiches and brought all this to me on a tray.
– Hey, sleepy, get up, eat filed, sit down to eat, please.
I barely broke my eyes from the nocturnal serious fuck and smiled.

– Hello, dear Aleshenka.
Nalivshis in the back of the three-bedroom stove bench “Lenin with us” (in contrast to the double, which we called “Lenin is always with you”), we started for breakfast.
Seeing that I was bumping under a blanket, Lech promptly thrust his hand in there.
– Lesh, I just want to piss, you fucked me yesterday.
He looked at me strangely, as though with jealousy, but he kept silent and removed his hand.
After breakfast, he took me to the bathroom and washed me like a child, when I pissed, he kept my standing member and said: – Pis, pis, pis.
Wrapping me in a terry towel, carried me to the bed, it was felt that he wanted to plant me, but I was also offended and didn’t give a sign that I wanted his member, and since such an initiative most often came from me, Lech became resigned. Chat random with webcam.