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“Ohhh” she squirmed as she felt his fingers prod her rear hole.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and they both looked each other deep in one anothers eyes and he started to lift her up with his big muscular arms.Whispering pines nudist camp.

She raised up almost off the tip of his mushroom cock and he let her drop straight to the base of it and he kept doing so making her feel the power of his steel.
She threw her head back in ecstasy as she slammed down on him, her breasts mashed against his muscular defined chest was sending waves of pleasure through her body.Casey jordan nude.
He heaved her up and pounded into her, she was in 7 th heaven, her hands around his neck and her legs wrapped around him she hung on for the wild ride.

“My God Cherry is amazing, her pussy is the tightest I have ever felt, I am gonna cum hard in her and make her beg for more” Lex thought to himself.

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