Without another word she pressed her warm naked body against mine and as she gently fondled my breast, our lips met and we kissed lovingly.
“What about Ellen?” I asked.
She replied, “If she were here, Candy, she’d be in this bed with us.
” Nothing more was said and we just started to make love to each other. Threesome mpeg gallery free.
Tricia was slender and had smaller breasts than me but she had blonde hair like mine and as I ran my hand down her tummy and towards her pussy, I felt a tiny patch of hair just above her slit.

Her hand was already caressing the soft flesh between my legs, massaging my labia and probing the warm wet tunnel of my vagina. Extremely rough anal sex 78752.
I was doing the same to her and as our passion became more energetic, we threw off the duvet and just revelled in our pleasure.
Our writhing naked bodies were bathed in moonlight and we had no need to turn on any other lights in order to see each other.

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Tricia then got on top of me so that she could lick my pussy and I could lick hers.
I could feel her sucking my soft fleshy lips and the sensation of her tongue flicking the hard button of my clit.
As I licked her in the same way, I could taste the delicate flavour of her juices as they oozed out of her vagina and into my mouth. Pros and cons of online dating essay.

A woman’s loving touch is something unique in sexual pleasure and we were both giving and receiving the same wonderful sensations but, as though it had been rehearsed, we suddenly disconnected and Tricia opened her slender legs so that I could get between them. Sweet_lexi www xxx sexivido.
We gently moved so that our pussies kissed and we started grinding them together rhythmically.
“I’ve got a vibrator in my bag,” I whispered.
“We don’t need penetration Candy, we’ve got everything that nature has given us to enjoy our sex,” she softly replied.

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That just made me melt and as we pressed our wet pussies together, harder and faster, I knew that it was only a matter of time before we would reach orgasm.
Within a few minutes we were both panting and moaning softly as we both felt we were getting close and then, without warning, Tricia’s body began to twitch violently as the feelings inside her reached a crescendo of pleasure.

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