The students in their second, third, and fourth years usually had these jobs tied up securely.
I was always on the lookout for weekend work and frequently bought a local newspaper to search for possibilities. Small ass japanese masturbate cock on beach.
On a Tuesday, I saw an advert in the classified section, seeking a person to assist with stocktaking on Saturday and Sunday.
I immediately phoned and was fortunate to set up an interview for that evening.

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It was a very large hardware store and they would be doing their annual stocktake over those two days.
Naturally, they would be closed on Saturday morning, a fact that irked the owner enormously, but upon their auditor’s strict instructions, this was unavoidable. Niceanal19 free softwer sexwebcam free chating.
At five p.
that evening I arrived to meet the owner, Griffon Jenkins, generally referred to as Griff.

I was totally gobsmacked as I met him.
Griff was a really big guy and must have been at least six-foot-two-inches tall. Britney pussy shot spear uncensored.
He wasn’t fat but it was clear that he took his workouts at the gym very seriously.
Griff was wearing loose fitting jeans and a polo shirt that was taking an enormous strain to contain his very well-developed upper body. Milla jovovich nude ultraviolet.

The fabric around his upper arms, in particular, was stretched to the maximum.
Both his lower arms were adorned with exquisitely done Celtic/gothic tattoos.
His upper left arm appeared to have no tattoo, but the upper right arm had what looked like octopus tentacles cascading down it. Hairy housewife movie pussy.
Of what I could see of the tattoo was magnificent and almost looked three-dimensional.
Griff had an expressive and jolly round face, which could only be likened to the typical depiction of Santa Claus on Christmas cards.

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Griff was younger, however, and only thirty-five-years-old.
The crowning glory of his appearance was a beard, the likes of which I had never seen before.
His beard was luxurious and tapered into a V shape down to his stomach. Brady sex tape.
Unlike Santa’s billowy white beard, however, it was not fluffy and white but a rich russet colour.
After the briefest chat, he told me that I had the job.

Apparently, we would be working in two teams.
Griff and I downstairs in his store and his manager with another student they had employed, would be doing the upstairs section. Angelina joulie getting fucked in the ass.
Griff explained that the auditors always insisted that outsiders needed to do the actual counting for these stocktakes.
I arrived at the appointed time on Saturday morning.
It was a hot day and so I opted for shorts and a t-shirt, which appeared to be the standard dress code for the day.

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I was amazed by Griff’s muscular legs.
He was a really hot looking man, but then I had always been attracted to big butch guys.

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