Matt realized there was something wrong and Kayla watched as he froze.
He slowly turned his head and looked at Kayla with wide eyes.
“Oh my God, Kayla!” he breathed.
Kayla felt numb.
She was shocked.
She couldn’t think for a moment.Rimrock girls adult swinger plz contact me.
She just stared at the two of them frozen on the bed, still locked together.
Kayla finally spoke, looking at the unknown blonde, “I’m Matt’s girlfriend, Kayla.

This is my apartment and that is my bed.
” She turned her gaze on Matt, who flinched, “Please finish up here.Naughty buddies winston salem.
When you’re finished, I’d appreciate it if you could strip the bed.
Then you can pack a bag and leave your key on the counter on your way out.
I’ll text you tomorrow and set up a time for you to come get the rest of your stuff.
” She turned and shut the door, hearing them frantically scramble around.Naughty sex chat little stoke.

The blonde was screaming at Matt.
Apparently he had not told her about Kayla.
Kayla sat at the dining table with a glass of wine.
A moment later, the blonde came out of the bedroom, rumpled and in a bit of a disarray, but clothed, with her shoes and purse in her hand.

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