” “Okay then, four times.
” She’d wrapped her fingers as far as they would reach around my cock and was slowly stroking me, her touch still light, incredibly arousing, but not really moving the process along. Loving fisting my husband.
“Four times? You just said three and now it’s four?” “Keep bitching and I’ll make it five.
” “I wasn’t bitching, just sayin’.
Three sounds fun – four too, for that matter, if it’s possible.

” She gripped my cock tighter, stroking and squeezing, placing the fingers of her other hand vertically over the head of my cock and using her thumb and fingertips to slide my foreskin up and down, covering and uncovering the swollen head of my penis, the tip mashing into her palm on each glans-revealing down stroke. Blond german teen.
Accordingly, she was the first to know when I started leaking precum, something I do quite copiously, the wet smear coating her palm.

“You’re leaking.
” “Really? I’m stunned.
” Lynn laughed.
“Yeah, you are a leaker. Free maleblack stripper videos.
” She gripped my cock firmly and milked upward, squeezing a generous, shimmering clear droplet out of me.
She gathered it with a fingertip and reached up to paint my left nipple with it, then reached further to rub her wet, slippery finger on my lips. Pornstar thai masturbate dick cumshot.
I licked off the last trace of my clear emission and she repeated the process, this time painting my right nipple before having me suck her finger clean.

She moved around to my side and leaned over me to suck and bite on my nipples, collecting her fingerpaint and swallowing it greedily. Horny woman perth.
Her hand was still wrapped around my cock, stroking me, and it felt amazing.
She was into it too, aroused, engrossed, and enjoying herself, and that may have been why the first cry didn’t register with us; we heard a sound, but neither of us reacted.

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We heard the next one clearly though, a female voice crying out, “Lyyynnn!” and then moments later again, right outside the bedroom door, which burst open to admit a tear-streaked and disheveled Tori, still calling out, “Lyyynnn!” at the top of her lungs as she flew into the room. Boginjasexa webcam naked.
I instinctively tried to curl up, tried to reach down and cover myself with my hands, but could do neither; my limbs tied tightly, my body spread-eagled before her, I was helpless.

She came to a sudden, skidding stop just inside the door, staring at us until her eyes locked on my engorged, straining erection. Softcore tits tgp.
“Whoa! What are you guys doing?” A rhetorical question, as it was pretty fucking obvious what we were doing! Lynn replied with one of her own.
“What does it look like we’re doing?” Nobody made any effort to answer either pointless question.

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