He reached down and began lightly touching my balls and opening.
I began to squirm with each touch.
He grabbed the lubricant and covered his finger and my opening.
He then began to slowly work his finger into my anus. Burning the clit.
He worked his finger in and out gently stimulating my man-hole.
He reached further in, touching my prostate and moved his finger over the top.
The feeling was extremely erotic and I felt my cock starting to grow again.

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Richard then began to stroke my cock with his other hand.
He had me move to my hands and knees and continued to stimulate my cock and anus.
He then said, “You ready, Buddy? I’ve been waiting so long to do this to you again. Bras for busty girls.
” Richard positioned himself behind me then pressed his cock head against my opening.
He gave a gentle push and began moving in a slow and steady rhythm.

He grabbed both of my shoulders with his hands as he pushed his cock in deeper. Cross dressing fetish leotard tights.
Richard then grabbed the base of his cock and pulled it completely out.
He began pushing his cock part way in and out.
Each time his cock entered me, I would push further back.
We were now working in perfect unison. Young hairless naked teend.
His cock would enter and I would push back each time.

I could hear Richard begin to breathe deeper and deeper.
He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock all the way in.
He began to fuck my ass faster and faster. Amateur chubby young painful sex.
He began to moan loudly until he finally let out a deep grunt and said, “Ooh…fuck, Buddy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.
” I felt his cum filling my hole as he continued to stroke in and out.
He pulled out after a few minutes and said, “Buddy, this is going to be a great weekend.

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” I woke up the next morning and Richard was already out of bed.
I heard the shower running in the bathroom.
I got up, walked into the bathroom and saw Richard covered in soap in the shower.
Richard turned around and smiled. Couples switch partners sex pics.
I stepped into the shower.
We didn’t say a word to each other.
Richard reached down and grabbed my cock.
He grabbed the soap and began lathering my cock and balls.

I reached down and began stroking his cock. Jacksonville chat horny.
I turned Richard around and leaned up against him with my cock pressing up against his ass while I continued to stroke his cock.
I covered my hands with soap, bent Richard over and began to soap his ass and man-hole. Sex with grannies carchel.
I worked one finger into his opening and then two.
My cock was rock hard.
I grabbed my cock and began to rub the tip on his opening.

We were both already lubricated from the soap and my cock easily slipped in. Sexytrishh online porn shows.
I did not hesitate to push my cock all the way in and began to fuck him as he began to breathe heavily.
My balls were bouncing off his opening with each thrust.
He placed both hands on the shower wall as I pounded him harder and harder. Looking for a fwb in murfreesboro.
Richard began to moan and said, “Fuck, Buddy, don’t stop.

” I placed my hands on his ass and looked down while my cock moved in and out.
I felt my body began to tingle in ecstasy as my cock began to empty my cum into Richard. School girl taught a lesson.
I left my cock in as long as I could.
As I finally pulled it out, Richard turned around, looked at me and said, “Well, good morning to you, Buddy.

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