But she quickly realized that, despite her attraction to the orderliness and silence of the life there, her inability to believe in God (at least as He had been described by her teachers) would be something of a handicap. Would you be ok with a bi male boyfriend.
That was when the library became her convent.
She came to the attention of the school librarian when discovered re-arranging the books on a shelf because they were out of order, and she quickly became the librarian’s indispensable assistant.

She had proved so efficient and useful that by the time she graduated a small scholarship had been created for her so she could go on to get her degree in library science.
Which she did, and aced every class without effort, so well acquainted was she with every aspect of her discipline. Everlyhot21 online free porn websites.
It was rumored that she could recite the ten main classes, one hundred divisions and one thousand sections of the Dewey Decimal System from memory.

Some of her more malicious classmates added that she’d probably learned it because she had nothing else to do. Glamour models foot fetish.
It was true that Theresa didn’t have much of a social life.
It wasn’t that she was totally unattractive; she was shortish, dark-haired and perhaps a little top and bottom-heavy for her size, but she had, thanks her Irish forebears, a clear, pale complexion, and lovely green eyes—though these last were generally hidden behind her glasses.

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The fact of that matter was she didn’t know how to talk to people.
She’d gone out with a classmate or two in her major, but with each the evening had turned into something very like a study-date; libraries were all she knew. Best ways to impress a girl.
And she decided, finally, that there was nothing wrong with that.
After graduation, with honors, naturally Theresa seized the first serious offer that came her way.

It was from a library in a smallish town and the starting salary was equally tiny. Free sex web cams no signup.
But the opening was for Head Librarian and Theresa knew as a newly minted graduate, even with her outstanding academic record, there wouldn’t be many opportunities like it and she had no intention of being anyone’s Assistant Librarian if she could help it. Pantyhose ass tease.
Which was how she wound up in Oakton, Michigan, population 12,000.

It was a brand-new library, and when she arrived Theresa was a little dismayed to discover that she was not just the Head Librarian, she was the only librarian. Belt spank tube.
The library had been more expensive to build than had been estimated, so there was nothing left in the budget for anything much besides her salary.
There were a couple of part-timers and some volunteers but basically it was up to her.

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