My heart was pounding, and my knees were so weak I could barely keep myself up.
This felt too good.
“I’d love to spank that cute little ass of yours, Clara.
” He moaned.
Mark was vigorously rubbing his cock, I could tell in his face he was about to climax.
“I’m gonna cum, Clara!” he yelled.
“Me too!” I cried. Walker male seeking female for oral fun.
Together we both orgasmed.
I watched as his spunk squirted out of his cock and landed on his chest.

My pussy was dripping wet.
I could feel the cum sliding down my legs.
I collapsed onto the floor, with my fingers still in my pussy.
“What a naughty boy you are, Mark.
” I grinned. Giving a girl a good orgasm.
Working away from home can have it’s advantages, situations arise that would never do so at home.
I had been working out east for several months, working a two week rotation where I got to travel home every second weekend.

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For the last week or two, the hotel where I was staying was advertising an up coming fancy dress dance night.
It happened to be on the Saturday night that I would be staying over so I decided to go to it and have some fun. Spanking transgender blowjob dick on beach.
The weekend before, I was at home and packed a few props for my costume.
Living in the west and especially in a city that was famous for its yearly rodeo, I already had all I needed.

On the evening of the party, I dressed in my cowboy boots, tight denims, denim shirt, I tied a bandana around my neck and donned my black cowboy hat. Blablabla_ chat with horny teens for free.
I was going for the early Clint Eastwood look and at 6’4″, lean and wiry, I was not far off the mark.
I had let my beard grow all week to add to the affect.
When I got downstairs to the ballroom, the party was in full swing, the music thumping out.

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To my delight, they had gone with seventies classic rock, my kind of music! I made my way across the crowded room and ordered a beer.
I turned to face the dance floor, surveying the scene from beneath the brow of my hat. Femdom looking for sex.
The dance floor was packed and I watched the dancers, looking for someone that would catch my interest.
It did not take long.
On the edge of the floor were a group of older women, mid-thirties, early forties.

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They looked like they were having a good time and young guys were approaching them constantly to try their luck.
One by one they peeled off to dance with the guys but there was one who stood out from the others. Videochat xxx free mobile.
She was short, dressed in a white blouse, with a school tie, a short pleated skirt that showed off her wonderful ass and curvy legs.

She wore knee high white socks and her dark hair was tied back in pig-tails – the classic “schoolgirl” look! Hardcore women porn pics. Each time a guy would approach, she would smile and shake her head.
To them she was a cougar, but to me, she was a younger woman and was obviously not interested in the young men.
I decided that it was time to try my luck and see if she was really holding out for an older man.

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I moved across the floor towards her.
“Mind if I join you?” I yelled over the sound system.
“Hello cowboy, you took your time” she yelled back with a smile that lit up her face.
I noticed that she had the pale, chocolaty complexion of someone from the Philippines, big brown eyes that you could drown in, twinkled at me.

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