Admitting this to them, relaxed us further and allow us to talk a little more openly, Colin confirming our thoughts that he was gay, but did say that occasionally he likes to spend time with girls, Emma saying she was equally comfortable with either sex, I noticed a slight grin on Colin’s face as she said it which had me wondering about their relationship. One to one free webcam chat free.
As the drink flowed Emma mentioned that they had been on the beach most days and always went for the dunes so they could relax in the naturist area which they found very liberating and we admitted that the day we met in the beach bar, we had been on the dunes for the first time and found it very natural to relax under the blue sky completely as nature intended.

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I then admitted that we had got a bit carried away and had a little ‘fun’ in the dunes, Emma smiled and told us that she had also on occasions had some sexual fun in the dunes.
It was getting late and the restaurant was closing when Emma suggested we go back to their apartment for a few more drinks and if we liked we could spend the night, they have two bedrooms and they could always share for the evening if we didn’t mind.

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It sounded like and plan and could be fun so we agreed.
The apartment was a little out of town so we all got in a taxi and off we went.
Upon arrival at their apartment, we went inside; it was spacious with a lounge, kitchen diner bathroom and two bedrooms. Sexytigress hot web cam show.
Colin sorted out the drinks and we went and all sat on their balcony, it was large and not overlooked as far as I could see.

Very quickly the conversation turned sexual asking about our best every experience, Colin told us of the time he had a threesome with two other guys, describing in detail how he was taken up the ass whilst he was inside the other guy. Free hot text chat sites.
Mike and I both told of times we had with girls in the past but also said how the events on the beach the previous day were right up there with the best.

Emma blushed when we asked for hers and simply said that she was still learning and has some fantasies that she would love to play out sometime, but refused to elaborate. Mature sex female columbus new jersey.
After a couple more of drinks, Emma said to me, you know, I wouldn’t mind trying out one of my fantasies on you, if the others don’t mind sharing for the evening; you can join me in my room, just give me five minutes and come in.

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Mike and Colin seemed up for the swap so I left them to go to one bedroom and I went to the other.
As I entered, I notice that laid out on the bed was some lingerie, wig and high heels.
Not sure what to make of the situation, I went in and closed the door.

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