Instead, I took control and decided what needed to happen.
“Tori, get the fuck out!” Lynn countered my order.
“No, wait; what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Unbelievable! I jumped back in.
“Who the fuck cares? Luciahot10 free no sigh up no nothing cams. Just get out, now!” Tori, too, ignored me.
“Mark dumped me! I’m so upset; I thought he loved me.
” She was dressed to seduce, in fuck-me heels, a short little skirt, and a white crop-top that ended just below her boobs; she was blatantly bra-less, her big tits jiggling and her fat nipples readily apparent; I was impressed that Mark had found the intestinal fortitude to dump her, looking like that.

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Maybe he’d done it over the phone.
Still trying to drive her away, I took another shot.
“Well it’s no wonder he dumped you; you act like a rabid wolverine most of the time, what did you expect? Now get out!” It wasn’t one of my finer moments, not a great display of sympathy or empathy, but I was laying there stark naked, tied to the bed, with a raging hard-on and my own cum smeared on my lips; I had other priorities and wasn’t in a particularly charitable mood.

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Lynn jumped me, her hand squeezing my cock as she reprimanded me.
“Stop it, Tim; be nice! Can’t you see that she’s upset? You could try, just this once, to be nice to her.
” “She’s upset? What do you think I am?” I sighed. Bikini fashion shoot.
“Tell you what, Tori; you get out, and maybe later I’ll try to be nice to you and let you cry on my shoulder – you know, if you’ll show me your tits first.

No promises, though.
Just get the fuck OUT!” Lynn slapped my bare chest. Hot hot hot and perfect lesbian teens. Teens hot porn.
“Stop it!” Tori stepped to the foot of the bed, her eyes taking in the ropes at each of my wrists and ankles before settling on my crotch.
She stood there, staring up between my spread legs, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it except tell her to get out, which I continued to do.

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She grabbed my middle toe on my left foot and squeezed it, tugging on it until it popped.
I winced and shut up, and when her eyes met mine she said, “Yeah, Tim, stop it! You’re in an awfully vulnerable position to be acting like such a douche bag. Married rochester sluts.
” I didn’t say anything, recognizing the truth in her words.
She regarded me silently for what seemed like forever but was probably only twenty or thirty seconds, her eyes mostly on my still-rigid cock.

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She bent forward and stared, then shook her head.
“Jeez, Tim, nice rack! You’re really hung!” It was probably the nicest thing she had ever said to me, and it caught me off guard.
“Umm, thanks, I guess.
Now will you please get your ass out?” “No, I don’t think I will.