Bongacams 2 couples.
And if Irka likes it, let him watch, he will not lose anything from me.
I even suggested that she slightly increase the field of view, which she immediately took advantage of.
– She rolled over onto her back, and spread her legs like that, as if she was not tanning on the beach, but was being examined by a gynecologist.
Five minutes later, our viewer could not stand this show, and hastily left us.
Jerk off, not otherwise! And Irka otdrochil me in the water after that! – It seemed to me funny.

I do not know, someone noticed us, or not? And then we went for lunch, and near the tent camp we met Vika and Sergey, they hang out at some familiar campers, invited us closer to the evening to fry shish kebab.
We did not refuse.
2008 Ha! – Do not give up! At first Dimon broke for a long time, like: not convenient, we do not know anyone.
And when I learned that there were four guys, without girls, I almost ran away.

Only on my persuasion and succumbed.
So in the evening we go to study the life of the inhabitants of the tent camp.
And skewers with wine consumed.
And swim in the night sea, and in the male attention, of course.
Yes, and the boy on the beach, in fact, burned.
But on the other hand, I finished myself in a veil, – I saw that for sure.
And so that he finished, I did everything.
My legs, of course, I didn’t scatter the whole beach, then my darling went too far with the definitions, but I wasn’t even going to lie like a nun.
This is my faithful go to the beach with the constant question – “shy or not,” and I go to the beach to treat men (read – male members), at worst (!), Pretty women; and, most importantly, show yourself.
So it’s not a problem to move your legs apart; even helping yourself with your fingers is also not a problem.
I do not exclude that I am the most ordinary exhibitionist.

But in the evening, the erotic emotions accumulated during the day spill over into great sex.
Dimon sex like.
And how did he finish in the water !? – Such an idea came to me wild.
And now change clothes and have lunch.
And then we still buy wine for an open-air party.
2008 Today for the first time, I almost wrote: “in the circus arena,” and so, not in the circus arena, but almost a circus, today I am writing to Dimona, because he is sleeping again and again.
And though I’m drunk, I want to unsubscribe while all the impressions are alive.
And so, – a tent city.
It begins almost immediately behind a tiny river that divides directly: the city (textile) beach, and nudist.
And continues for Jung.
And, it should be noted, rather big, such a town is obtained.
Tents stretch along the beach for two hundred meters, in two – three rows.
Those wishing to relax in primitive conditions is enough.

There is definitely something in this.
– Sea, nature, tent.
Dinner on the fire.
Wine and songs with a guitar.
Nearby are the same abnormal, because there is no shower, no bed linen, no locks on tents.
And if the storm? – And there are thunderstorms here.
And the toilet!?!? Dimon and I came laden on the beach like horse-drawn horses: six bottles of wine and even tomatoes with cucumbers.
Before six o’clock we had time to sunbathe.
Nothing, however, extraordinary happened.
Even nothing to tell my regular readers.
Led by my faithful, for about twenty minutes we were looking for the tent we needed on the wrong side of the beach.
I would have searched all night even if I had not intervened.
Near the modest, battered tent, a bonfire was already burning, around which four naked, tanned Ukrainian lads fussed.
Vika was sitting on a folding chair with a glass in her hand, indulging in idle idleness.

Seryoga jumped out from somewhere, accused us of being late, kissed me, poking me in the stomach with his process, and immediately re-acquainted me with everyone.
All four guys were from Kharkov, three, Misha, Anton and Vitalik, Dimona’s peers, – thirty each, with a penny.
And one of my age, Ivan, he was only twenty-five knocked.
On this occasion, and the party started.
Our company turned out to be fun, all the more so since everyone had already taken it well to our arrival.
I immediately felt my own here, and Dimon, it seems, was not particularly tense.
Although the attention to me from the men was quite obvious.
I immediately found a second folding chair, but what is really there – a folding stool with a canvas top, a twin of Vika’s stools and a person of the same age as me.
Bongacams 2 couples.