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“And this is for her to face!” – I thought, feeling how her appearance was beginning to excite me.
I watched her eagerly.
If you do not consider the folds on the head, that in asari instead of hair, then in general it is very pretty.
Slender legs, tight chest, round ass, nice face, green eyes, plump lips.
Yes, and the bluish tint of the skin did not spoil the picture at all, but on the contrary added zest.

I think I’m in love! Or maybe he just wanted to repeat yesterday night.
And what a difference to me! During the day I quickly threw a plan of “seduction” in my head and it remained only to wait for the end of the working day.
And finally it got dark.
Satina turned off the tablet, pulled out the headphones and, rising from the chair, went to perform her pre-ritual – look out the window and dream of a good life.
Who would have thought – ten hours of almost continuous work, from 10 am to 8 am, only with a break for lunch and dinner, the composition of which was difficult to call a normal meal.

And so every day.
During this time I tried not to go mad because I could not find something to do.
Well, today I think enough is enough – she said looking out the window at sunset, which was a signal for her to stop.
Then I decided to act.
Going quietly behind her, I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly began to massage them.
BUT? – Satine responded, startled by surprise and dropped the tablet from her hands.
– What are you doing? Stop it! Nicely? – gently whispered in his ear, moving his palms closer to the neck.
Yes – Satine answered uncertainly, obviously doubting her answer – but I do not understand what you want? Do not understand? – I began and turned her face to me – I want to repeat last night.
What for? I paid you off.
– Satine asked cautiously, resting her palms on my chest – Wasn that night not enough? Enough is enough.
The question now is not in money.
I want to help you relax.
You’re kind of constantly tense.
So let’s do it.
– I stopped and put my palms on the buttocks of the puzzled girl, pressing her to me – if you don’t like what I’m doing, you can write this night on your next salary.

Already do not like! – she replied with displeasure, wagging in my arms – Let go! What nonsense? Am I a prostitute? The fact that I once paid off myself was simply by mutual consent.
Although in the contract it is not! Nonsense ?.
– I wondered puzzledly – Having signed the contract, we promised to trust each other.
Do you remember? There certainly is not what you have to have sex with me.
It’s right.
But there is a clause that I am guaranteed a full monthly salary.
And if you constantly sit at home, then where do you get money for the next month? Did you earn much by spending a month at the computer? Satine’s heart beat hard.
Apparently I hit her for a living.
There was a lot of electronic work — she tried to fend off — soon everything would change.
Not true.
I watched you.
I myself heard you refused to meet several people.
Is not meeting with them the key to success in your business? Yes but.
Are you afraid to go out? – without letting me know it, I asked another question.

Satina gave up and, leaning into my arms, putting her head on my shoulder, said: I am ashamed to admit, but.
Yes! So it would be right away – I said, putting her fingers on her chin, and lifting my head lightly kissed the tender, curved sad arc, lips – Let’s go! Repeat yesterday night.
It will help you.
What was yesterday is disgusting.
How should this help me? I do not argue that disgusting.
This is all from the fact that you paid off your debts yesterday.
Today will be different, I promise.
Trust me.
Just relax and enjoy.
Agree? Yes – she said softly in a whisper.
Then let’s go !!! – for joy, I cried out loudly, grabbing her in my arms.
? She cried out in surprise.
Calm You’re crazy – she squeaked and cracked my cheek.
– Scared again.
But now you are smiling.
Putting her on the bed and freeing me from unnecessary clothes, I began to passionately kiss and caress her body at the same time.
Well, how? – I asked.
Some strange feeling – she answered – I do not understand what it is.

You will soon understand – I answered.
– and now let’s kiss.
We merged in a passionate kiss, during which I used my hands to care for her breasts and ass, then caressing, then squeezing them.
Wrap her arms around me and caress her back with smooth movements.
And so? I asked again.
Nothing has changed – obviously cunning, she replied.
Oh, I said doubtfully, looking into her noticeably dilated pupils – Then we go further.
We started kissing again, and my hand, being recently occupied with her breasts, moved to her pussy and, running her fingers in, started to make reinforced massaging movements.
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