Hp monitor with webcam. This saltazavr.
“Well, this is the right answer,” agreed Anton.
– My advice to you, Kovalev, do not rush! You are all the time like running somewhere, forgetting to think.
Nastya lowered her eyes.
– A bore! – She scolded him to myself.
– If only I would just praise or approve.

But no.
Even if he praises, he will immediately give him a chill.
And suddenly the flock came to life.
The ground buzzed from their movement.
But the saltazavry did not run anywhere, they just began to move strangely, as if chasing each other.
– In my opinion, something frightened them.
– having expanded eyes, the girl has excitedly noticed.
– Hmm, hardly.
– Anton muttered, – if they sensed danger, then they rushed to run.
And here it feels like they are playing some kind of game.
– I take pictures? – Asked Nastya, afraid to hear the refusal.
But he willingly agreed, as always warning: – But just do not hang out.
Though they are herbivores, they can slap us like flies.
While Nastya was shooting, everything in the herd continued to move.
And suddenly one especially large dinosaur, having risen on hind legs, almost laid down on the smaller companion standing in front of it.
In this case, both of them from afar such a horrific roar that it seemed that the heavens would collapse from him.
– Ay-yay! Will he eat it now ?! – Nastya pressed her head into the hanger and moved closer to Sergeyev, but continued to shoot.
He, barely suppressing laughter, remarked: – It is unlikely.
On the contrary, small dinosaurs will soon appear.
– What? – with a camera in her hands Nastya stared at him.
– You want to say.
She blushed and did not finish the phrase.
– Yes, – grinned Anton, – we were lucky to see ancient love.
Take the same! Do not miss such frames! – Not! Never! – Nastya decidedly turned off the camera.
– It. Hp monitor with webcam.