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Fearing to admit to himself, he tried to chain his excitement with chains of reason when meeting, but his eyes ruthlessly returned freedom to an irresistible desire to hug those boyish shoulders, touch his tender lips and share with him a feeling of closeness of male bodies.
Falling asleep, it sometimes seemed to him that the timid fingers of his younger brother, who had long since passed away, would touch the barely penetrating soft hair over the frozen mouth waiting for a waiting mouth, and, bent at the knee, would slide under the blanket between his covered legs with a pile of hair, and then he will firmly press this still childishly angular, lean body, afraid to betray his firm flesh reared in his underpants.
School years have left no significant memories in memory.
True, once, sticking around the park, he went out to the sounds of music to the dance floor, and immediately fell into the arms of a hot drunk classmate, danced her in the bushes on a crumpled jacket with barely unbuttoned pants, not really remembering whether it really was or not .
Then there was graduation, hungover morning, and he is the last.

Between her legs, whipped foam, barely finished, and she blew.
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) Two years the army left scraps of memory.
Here is the demob album.
“The whole service is only guards, drill and heaviness in the eggs – nothing more.
A school friend, cute for girls, only, as he believed, an attractive face, having sewn trousers on the ass, with the blessing of the foreman, suddenly became a centerer.
A neighbor in bed, waiting for silence, first jerked off, then sucked under a blanket.
Then another appeal, lapping young, bouza in the dining room because of the oil.
The frail village boy screams that he fucked their mother, three came only from the village to the arrived Caucasians.
Then a divorce, a warehouse hangar, a gasp of twilight, and a groan like a call.
Then friends, go get them.
Under the demob, the quartermaster grants two months of freebies at the officers’ house from the master’s shoulder.
And so, having forgotten about the ranks, after the feast, in the heat of a drunken passion, yesterday the cadet is today a lieutenant, saddling his cock.
They spend the rest of their days together in his apartment.
It is a pity, but the time of service has come to an end.
“In the second year of the institute, Artem married an unintelligent classmate.
A modest wedding at that time ended on an even more modest wedding night.

For her, she was the first, and for him, disappointment, because in the full sense of the word it became possible to call them husband only after a month of his desperate attempts to break through the virgin defense of his wife.
But the streams of semen spewed out by him did not change the doctors’ verdict.
The hope that was burnt in him, to revive his brother in her own son, was extinguished along with marital debt.
Another year was erased from memory, leaving no trace.
A childhood friend, Paul, appeared in his life as unexpectedly as he disappeared many years ago.
He would hardly have recognized him, since his peer had changed, turning into a fashionably cute young man with a sad, scattered expression of big brown eyes.
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