I think if you play your cards right tonight, you’ll get your answers.
” Moments later, Rachel asked Karen to come to the kitchen to give her a hand.
Bob was told to open the bottle of Merlot on the dining table and to have a seat. Lady in the black skirt and wainwright oklahoma shirt.
Dinner was soon served, followed by a luscious strawberry torte Rachel had bought at Waitrose.
Bob offered to clear the table and deal with the dishwasher, and during his absence, Karen got her laptop out of her bag and connected to Rachel’s broadband network.

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When Bob emerged from the kitchen, he was told to sit on the sofa next to his wife, with Rachel sitting on the opposite side of Karen.
“Bob, I admit that we did not tell you about our activities on Friday,” Karen said, fiddling with the laptop. Nude fat teens teen.
“After Rachel got her makeover, I thought we should get some photos taken so Rachel could see just how stunning she can look when she tries.

The photographer has posted the rough, unedited images on a private site. Chrsity chung nude.
” Bob was expecting to see some portraits of Rachel, but when Karen clicked on the tab that said ‘slideshow’, an image of Rachel, dressed only in lingerie and a short silk cover-up, filled the screen.
While her body certainly looked sexy, her face was grim, bordering on unhappy. Wife birthday blowjob.
After several seconds, another shot of Rachel, in a slightly different pose but with the same sullen expression, appeared.

Bob was shocked, partly due to Rachel’s state of undress but also because she looked so unhappy. One to one web sex chat.
He was about to say something, but wisely kept his mouth shut.
After three more similar images, the words ‘Act II’ appeared on the screen.
In the next image, Rachel was reclining sexily on the sofa.
Her wrap was pulled back from her body, and her right breast peeked out from her bra.

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She was staring at the camera with an expression that bordered on lust.
Bob was now really taken aback, not only because of Rachel’s semi-nudity, but because she looked like a woman who was ready to be fucked. Futa mother.
He let loose a soft whistle, turned to Rachel and said: “Is that really you?” Karen playfully slapped he husband, while Rachel simply muttered, “Oh wow, look at me.

” The slideshow continued, with Rachel’s appearance becoming even more sexually changed. Naked cute pinoy pics.
As the photos progressed, she first lost the wrap, then the bra and finally her knickers, and it was clear by both the position of her hand between her legs and the expressions on her face that this usually dour woman was heading for the ultimate self-pleasure. Blonde creampied in the ass by a bbc.

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Bob was treated to full views of Rachel’s 34C breasts, her shapely ass and at times even the wispy hair surrounding her pussy.

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