It was then that I noticed a shadowy figure at the patio door of the balcony across the courtyard from mine.
My body froze in fear.
This was not the reaction I had expected from myself.
I should have reached for the covers or simply got up and moved away. Voluptuous black ass naked.
That would have been the natural thing to do.
But no, here I was, still on full display and my hand still lingering along the edge of my inner thigh.

I couldn’t tell for sure but I was certain that the stranger was watching me. Lingsey cock through hymen.
Or maybe it was simply what I wanted them to be doing.
Either way it was turning me on.
Should I? Could I? Would I be so bold as to lay here and masturbate with this stranger watching me? I was pretty sure it was a woman by the shadow of what seemed to be a long nightgown, but I wasn’t sure. Womens adult size ghost buster costume.

I didn’t want to put on a show for some guy.
In my experiences guys take it more as an open invitation, while women can look at it as a lovely way to end the evening.
I couldn’t keep my mind or my eyes off this shadow person. Daughter hypno.
I had this overwhelming desire to put on a little show for them.
I had never done anything like this before.
I have always considered myself as one of those good girls that the nuns talked about when I attended Catholic School in my youth.

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Yet here I was, giving serious consideration to committing a mortal sin and damning myself to burn in hell for eternity.
Yeah right, I quit believing in that stuff long ago.
I stared across the courtyard at the figure, convincing myself it was a female and that she was watching me. Amateur talent contest.
I took a deep breath and told myself it was now or never, either do it or get on with my evening.

Slowly I changed my position so I was pointed towards her, giving her an unobstructed view.
Excitement was rising in me as I become even bolder, parting my legs and bending them at the knees. Canned food dating codes.
I was making sure there could be no mistake as to what I was about to do.
There was no need to close my eyes and engage in any fantasy; my fantasy was just across the courtyard, watching me.

I looked hard at my shadowy partner as my hand moved slowly through my soft wispy pubes to my wetness.

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