“I was feeling naughty.
” She set the drink down on the coffee table between the suction cup dildo and the bottle of lubricant as Brandon kicked off the rest of his clothes.
Amanda took a moment to admire his body before he once again put her to work. Asian growth fund.
“Let’s see this little outfit you have on,” he said, making a twirling motion with his finger.
Amanda smiled and stood before him, spinning around slowly to allow him a full view of her choice of scandalous clothing.

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“Nice,” he said, taking a long drink from his glass.
“Did your boyfriend buy that for you?” “Yes,” she answered, feigning bashfulness.
“Does that turn you on?” “Maybe,” he stated, again with very little emotion. Kinky cybersex chatroom.
“What about these? Did he pay for all these too?” Amanda smiled as he motioned to the sex toys on the table.
” “Well, why don’t you show me what you do with these?” “You want me to give you a little show?” Brandon nodded, taking another sip of his drink.

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“Get down on your hands and knees.
Let me see that ass.
” Once again reverting to the role of the submissive, Amanda did as she was told.
She turned around and got down on all fours.
Her knees were still sore from the kitchen floor so she was thankful for the soft green rug that covered most of the living room floor. Sexy pornstar girls are sexy drivers.
Silently she thanked Taylor for picking it out when they had gone shopping together some months back.

Brandon remained silent.
A sense of vulnerability once again came to dominate the atmosphere in the room. Free gay softcore videos.
She felt so… submissive.
So… used… Yet so sexy.
The little black mini skirt was riding up high, exposing her ass which was covered only by the thin strip of black fabric nestled snugly between her cheeks. Asiantushy icam live nude.
“Pull your panties down.
” His voice was stern and commanding.

Amanda did as she was told.
“Spread your ass.
” Again she did as she was told, allowing her face to be pressed against the plush carpet as she reached back and pulled her taut little cheeks apart in a lewd display of total subservience. Singles clubs.
“Whose ass is that?” he asked, lounging back on Taylor’s sofa, naked with a drink in his hand.
“Yours,” Amanda replied, her voice taking on an innocent tenor that betrayed the absolutely filthy scene she was providing.

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“Stick your finger up your ass,” Brandon ordered bluntly, drinking as he stroked his flaccid cock.
“Play with yourself.
I want you to make me nice and hard so I can fuck you in your boyfriend’s bed.
” Amanda closed her eyes and sucked her finger before reaching back and running the tip over her tight little knot. Black shemale honey love.
When it was adequately lubricated with saliva and pussy fluids, she slipped the finger inside as her newfound master looked on.

She slipped it in and out, a little deeper each time until she was sliding it deep inside her hungry little asshole, revelling in the pleasure she was providing Brandon with her filthy actions. Maks555x natalie bongacams.
“Now suck it.
” Amanda knew at that time that there was nothing that she would not do for him.
Pulling her finger from her ass, she sucked it into her mouth, gaining nothing from the filthy act other than pleasing Brandon.

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