Her husband’s mouth opened in a silent scream and the sweat began to pour down his face.
“See, the problem is not that I don’t want to get physical with you,” Rhea continued to whisper in his lips and stroked his cock expertly, sliding her palm down to cup his heavy sack and give it a firm squeeze before sliding her palm up and rolling it over the shaft.Hairy whore masturbate penis outdoor.
With a loud groan and shiver from him, she felt her husbands cock melt in her palm and perceived the wetness in her fingers as her husband blew his small and watery load.

She slid her hand out of his pants and finished her statement, “The problem is, there isn’t any point in getting physically intimate with you.
” She looked into his eyes with an intensity that crushed his soul.Emollient facial moisturizer.
He slowly collapsed into the chair behind him and looked up at her.
His face now a sweaty red mass and his breathing ragged and urgent.
Rhea stepped forward and wiped her palm on his shirt, “Good night my dear, and don’t forget to turn off the lights in your bedroom.
” She strolled off towards her own bedroom upstairs and shook her head in disgust as she heard the pitiful sobs of her husband in the living room.

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