He smiled and pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her to keep her right where she belonged.
Karen has helped her best friend Rachel get over her lingering grief by treating her to a makeover and to a boudoir photo session. Best asian nose.
While at the photography studio, Karen finally allowed her feelings towards Rachel to be known after fifteen years of close friendship.
After putting on their clothes, bidding Doug farewell and leaving the studio, it slowly dawned on both Karen and Rachel what had just occurred.

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They walked down the street in Covent Garden in silence.
Karen realised that she had finally acted on the desire that she had repressed for nearly fifteen years.
While Karen had often made fun of Bob, her husband, for silently lusting after Rachel at parties and on vacation years ago, before Rachel’s husband died, Karen had also thought about what it would be like to make love to Rachel.

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Rachel, for her part, was amazed at the impact that Karen’s attempt at seduction was having.
Rachel was very confused, but felt more happy than she had been in years, even though she had never before considered sex with a woman. Beautiful saint marys woman.
Her encounter with Karen had been her first sex of any kind in the decade since Stephen’s death, and she was savoring every moment of it.

She had surprised herself by getting naked and masturbating in front of her best friend (and being photographed by a stranger at the same time!), but that really did not matter. Goten and trunks fucking chi-chi.
Rachel’s mind was focused on three things: the fact that she was still capable of enjoying sex, what it would be like to have a real liaison with her best friend and what the future now held for her.

After a couple of minutes, Karen spoke. Amateur black atm tube8.
“A lot has happened today, and I think it has all been for the good.
You look so beautiful, and I really meant what I did at Doug’s.
However, I think we both have a lot to think about.
It’s getting late, and my husband is taking me to dinner tonight. Design mobel latex mattress au.
Let’s talk tomorrow and try to see each other over the weekend.

” Rachel agreed, and after a long hug, Karen headed to the garage where her car was parked, and Rachel hailed a taxi back to Belsize Park, where her new flat was located. Online dating site.
That evening, the now-familiar routine of cooking dinner for one did not seem so miserable for Rachel.
After dinner, rather than idly watching television to fill time, she lit a candle, poured a glass of wine and drew a warm bath.

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Rachel settled in, and she eventually pleasured herself into an intense orgasm, her second of the day.
Rachel now was confident that her life was changing for the better, although she really hadn’t a clue what was going to happen next.

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