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From the first moment she entered the class, it became clear that she was unusual.
Pierced eyebrow in combination with delicate curls, the appearance of the girl from the painting by Botticelli and these unusually soulful green-gray eyes.
She could not fit under any standard.
Very soon, She became friends with vemi guys in the class, ran with them to smoke at recess, helped them with advice about girls.
And he.

then he paid no attention to her at all.
Or tried not to pay? Then his thoughts and heart were different.
And she immediately fell in love with him and suffered greatly.
She wrote tearful notes and never sent them, told everyone about her love.
But He considered all this wildly frivolous and did not communicate with her, even avoided her.
But that ill-starred excursion changed everything.
In the bus He, as always, sat with his girlfriend from the parallel, and She – from behind, surrounded by laughing guys.

She was always ridiculously funny, and everyone except him appreciated it.
The bus stopped, and everyone began to go out.
They walked a bit around Yasnaya Polyana and went on a picnic.
He asked for something from her, a conversation started and after two hours He suddenly realized that he was ready to chat with her ad infinitum.
They began to walk together, and a week later, after taking her to the bus stop, He had for the first time sent it to her.
And ponyal.
They met every day, after school they went for a walk on every kind of little public gardens and chatted, chatted, chatted.
He talked to her about everything in the world, and they were wildly interested in each other.
Love is not carnal, but pure and tender.
The weather was good on that April day.
Warm, good, and hair so gently gold in the sun.
Soon they will meet and spend another unforgettable day.
She still remembers all the days they spent together.

Here he is, on the opposite side of the street, smiling.
Green light.
He is already very close.
Suddenly, a screech of brakes, a sharp sound of a clacon and.
He’s already on the ground, covered in blood.
Around – noise, crowd, bustle, but she doesn’t hear anything.
This is a dream, a dream, DREAM.
Let it be a dream.
But no.
From the stupor, she is brought out by a cry: “He is alive !!!”
Then he falls to his knees and begins to sob wildly.
She knows she saw him last.
She came to the hospital, saw the sad face of the doctor and understood everything without words.
As if from her suddenly broke a magic veil.
It rushes to the body, kisses the colder lips.
Now she is alone in the whole world.
Lilian nezhilas in the water, splashing like a mermaid, stabbed hair brought by Jonathan for her hairpins.
The girl looked back upon hearing the steps and smiled at her lover, who promptly took off his clothes and dived into the water, disappearing from sight for a long time.

Lilian looked around, when suddenly strong hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her down.
The girl screamed in protest, plunging under the water and immediately emerged, spitting water.
Jonathan came up behind her and laughed out loud when she began to accuse him of his boyish deed.
– Well, now your hair will not dry until the evening.
“Hm, can we cut them, my lady?” He asked jokingly and was immediately shaken by a spray of water.
“You are an incorrigible rascal!” Barbarian and robber! He slyly smiled and hugged her, drawing her body to his and sticking into her parted lips, while his hands were caressingly stroking and caressing her body.
The girl began to breathe rapidly when his fingers found the focus of her desire, and her lips slid over her shoulder, neck, ear, cheek, and again seized her lips.
– You.
– she could not hold back a moan of pleasure when he pressed the hidden point, knowing full well what she liked and made her lose her head from passion.
– So what am I, my lady? – He asked, again pushing the point and forcing the girl to forget about everything except his hands, body and lips.
– Jonathan.

– She gasped in his arms and timidly touched his agitated weapon, ready to rush into battle.
The man shuddered and the girl scaredly removed her hand, believing that he did it unpleasantly, but he kissed her fervently and took her palm, resolutely returned it to her loins, showing what she needed to do to please him.
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