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And Yury hastily invited everyone back into the office of Gena.
SEEN or NOT SEEN, but covered with paint !!! Of course, I was worried for nothing – no one would dare to come to us.
But having a lot of sperm in my pussy, I felt super pleasure that now I need to sign documents and in general, the day started and continued perfectly.
And then the crowd suddenly fled.
I was surprised: and the macho, including disappeared along with the head of the theological department.

And it seemed to me, without telling me even until tomorrow.
He was carried away for some urgent matters.
From the abundance of events for this crazy day, I didn’t even pay much attention to the fact that the boys who were waiting for me and Gena at the entrance gave out a lot of congratulations that I look great in this dress.
I just somehow stopped being afraid.
With the boys even easily with them and talked.
The guys themselves eagerly informed me that two of their classmates had excellent pictures of me naked in CLASSMARKS.
And that these pictures commented, and even my son as well.

I was stunned that this was happening, and the way I calmly discuss this with the lads.
Gennady stands nearby and does not comment on anything.
Well, since we all saw you naked – let Olga take off the dress, we know that once or twice or three.
Quickly you shoot, we know – we discussed this on the website of our classmates.
We all together gave you the nickname “TIME-TWO-THREE.”
I glanced at Gena, well, they say, let’s round out – let’s go home and take me away.
And then suddenly from Gena I heard: one-two-three.
And oh, horror! I reflexively immediately remove all the fasteners, and the dress flies flatteringly to the floor.
Immediately one of the boys ordered a one-two-three Katyukha and Katyukha right behind me immediately becomes naked.
All six boys immediately reached out to me and began to dig at me.
I looked at Gena again, what are you doing? Let me go home already.
But instead, Gena said, guys, you can give Olga Ivanovna everything.
And even during fucking, but only one inserts and drops into Olga Ivanovna.

Katka – you will choose one evening every night.
Come on – who is today? Kate pointed to the guy.
He immediately pulled down his pants and lifted one of my legs on the railing.
At the same time, a lot of guys began to knead my whole body.
Katerina licked both the guy’s barrel and my sex lips during fucking.
Gene commanded – Olga let’s orgasm show the guy your beast cunt, I promised your husband a broadcast of your orgasm with your son’s classmates.
And then I realized that Gena had already entered into communication through the phone of my husband.
From the very thought that my husband was listening to everything on the phone, I really went into my orgasm.
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