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They asked to take patronage over them, as local boys do not give them access.
I naturally agreed and we spent the whole day together.
This went on for several days.
Close communication brought us together finally.
They shared with me the problems of their short life, and I tried to solve them as best I could.

So it probably would have lasted until the end of the rest, if not for one event.
In the sanatorium staged a holiday and in the end, as usual, everyone got drunk locally wine.
My girlfriends grabbing a bit of excess became literally the center of gravity for half the male society.
To avoid anything, I tried to take them to their room.
The girls giggled incessantly, choking with laughter from my hastily recalled anecdotes.
I deliberately dragged them into the room.
Finally we are in their apartment.
Naturally, they dragged me to their place, sat me on the bed and took out another bottle of wine.

As I did not deny, the bottle was half-drunk when Natasha suddenly asked: – Did you have a lot of women? “Well, maybe a dozen,” I was not taken aback, “But in general I did not count them.”
– Can you tell us about any? – Well, I can, but why do you? “Tell me, and we will explain later,” Anya giggled as she sat down on the carpet.
We all moved to the floor and talked about one of my recent adventures.
The girls first listened in silence, and then began to ask questions.
Yes, what: in what positions we fucked, how many times, how I caressed my girlfriend, how she caressed me.
I honestly answered their questions, noting that the girls began to be excited by such conversations.
I began to describe each process in colors, probably embellished a little.
The girls were sitting in relaxed poses, each already not once showed me their underwear.
It seems that in their panties they were already wet.

“So why did you tell me all this?” – I asked with a sly voice.
“Well, you understand,” Natasha began, “Our age already allows us to have sex, but there is no experience.”
I would like to draw it from more knowledgeable people.
(A bunch of video in glamorous pink design as two young girlfriends learn from one man sex – approx.
) “But you don’t approach everyone,” Anya continued, “And you want it to be so cool.”
– Do you guys have something? – There is.
– Did you have sex with them? The girls hesitated a bit, blushing.
“Well, I told you about myself, now it’s your turn,” I said, and poured the rest of the wine into glasses.
As I expected, their story was short-lived.
Both had little experience with the opposite sex.
Each had a rich experience of crimping in the corners, with a close massage of the genitals, two or three quick sexual intercourses and that’s it.
True, Natasha tried to do blowjob, but he was not up to the end and walked like a foreplay.
– Do not worry, you still have everything ahead.

Believe me, after five years, you do not have enough fingers to count the number of members who have visited you.
“So the matter is not in quantity,” said Natasha, sitting down beside me in tight, “but in quality.”
We don’t know if we’re doing everything right.
“I want to gain experience,” Anya whispered, sitting down on the other side.
– So, it seems I understood.
You chose me as an object for training.
Actually, of course, famously, but do you yourself realize what you are offering me? – We all understand and try to be diligent schoolgirls.
The girls pressed against me from two sides and looked inquiringly into my eyes.
Well, how can I refuse! Two young simple girls persuade you to fuck them, even promising to obey me in everything.
– Okay, I agree.
But first, I want to conduct an experiment.
If he succeeds, then go ahead, if not, then.
“We agree,” the temptress grumbled amicably.
– Well.

Lock the door.
Now stand in front of me and get undressed.
The girls were a little taken aback, but obediently stood in a line and began to undress.
There was little clothing on them, but they stumbled over their panties.
Undeterred, they looked at each other, then at me.
I calmly looked at them.
Finally, the girls decided and almost simultaneously pulled the panties down.
– Well, that’s great.
If a woman cannot bare herself in front of a man, then she is not ready yet.
The girls shifted from one foot to the other, sometimes timidly covering the pubis with their hands.
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