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Our hero was fastened to the chair and could not move.
Svetlana Karlovna sat down next to a chair and brought the screen and keyboard connected to the chair with wires.
– So check the pressure and pulse.
Another device jumped out of the chair and wrapped itself around the arm of the patient above the elbow.
Let’s listen to the heart, some thing jumped out again and pressed to the chest.

It took about fifteen or twenty minutes for all the manipulations, after which the doctor began to touch Vadim’s body with her hands, saying well, good boy.
Now let’s check your male health, Svetlana Karlovna spoke up with ironic notes that appeared in her voice, unbuttoning her robe.
The gaze of our hero presented an amazing sight, the doctors’ huge breasts were crowned with large nipples with very wide halos.

Below, a strange bra adjoined them, only supporting the breast without closing the nipples.
A member of the young man immediately stirred.
– So the reaction is normal, we lower the panties.
Member was in the right hands, after certain manipulations, he stood a stake.
– Wow, admired Svetlana Karlovna, how Tanka got her wealth, let’s check it in business.
Pre-rubbed with a damp cloth, manhood quickly turned into the mouth of a medical professional.
Vadim was taken aback, however, resistance, even if it were, would be useless.
Arms and legs were tied.
After sucking, the doctor pressed a button, the couch took a horizontal position.
The robe was removed completely, under it, besides the bra, there was a white belt with white stockings fastened to it, and thong panties worn over the belt, on which the emblem of the clinic of male and female health was already familiar.

However, the thong with the emblem was quickly removed.
Pants Vadim, were in the area of ??the young man’s knees, so that nothing prevented Svetlana Karlovna from sitting on the face of our hero, substituting a smoothly shaved vagina and simultaneously sucking the patient’s penis.
Poorly aware of what is happening, Vadim began to lick the new adult lady.
This was the first experience in position 69 in his life, neither with Tatiana Olegovna, nor with previous partners, he did not practice this.
However, the initiative was not with him.
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