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Ivan blindfolded her and, putting her on his knees, beckoned Pasha to her.
He silently stretched a member to Olesin’s lips and she busily swallowed him.
“Fuck, at least she would be undermined,” she grumbled discontentedly, not removing the penis from her mouth.
After her small efforts, the member began to grow rapidly in size.
Like a close saucepan from a tight saucepan, he fell out of her mouth, still quite relaxed, but already swollen with awakening desire.

Olesya choked, but sucked, until a firm head rested against her sky.
-No, this is not Sankin.
This is Pasha Elda.
– Olesya pushed a member out of her mouth and meekly began to wait for the next guest.
The second was Ivan.
His modest wick Olesya licked a few minutes, until she received at least some kind of response.
Ivan smiled blissfully, watching his dignity solidify.
Erect Pasha, meanwhile, was looking for where to attach his new pride.
He didn’t think of anything, he began to caress himself, even his powerful fist could barely hold the flesh of enormous dimensions.

He jerked off hard, sharply moving his hand and completely baring the head.
Ivan, meanwhile, became fascinated, he liked to be in Olesin’s mouth, but she vividly sent him home.
– And this is not the one, I can not understand whose, maybe Ivan? Ivan did not help her with clues and pulled Alexey to Olesya.
The guy has already managed to get up and he brought to the lips of the girl almost a hard member.
She only a few times spent on his tongue, not without pleasure, a little sucked and sadly stated.
– And this is not the one, this is Alexis.
Next in line was Boris.
From the first seconds, he was so aroused by Olesya’s masterfully precise caress that he unexpectedly for everyone, and first of all for himself, finished abundantly.
Having swallowed his sperm, Olesya again shook her head.
– Not him.
Bored Vasilisa, preoccupied with the search for new pleasures, sought to Tamara.
She tried to push the woman into oral sex and, having a little broken, Tamara knelt before the indefatigable Vasilisa and began to lick her crack.

Vasilisa froze blissfully.
Sitting next to Pasha stroked Tamara on the back, without ceasing to masturbate.
My husband stood near Olesya and helped her with a slightly shaking hips.
“Your husband has such a magic member,” said Alexei, who crouched next to me.
“Yes, I know,” I agreed willingly.
-I was not at all painful and so nice.
It is a pity that everything ended so quickly, I could give myself forever.
-And how are women? Do not attract more? – I playfully ran my fingers over Alexei’s bare chest: – Well, what are you.
I love women very much: but I also love men.
– And Alexey, as if wishing to convince me of how he loves women, ran his hand over my chest, which I again hid under a bra and blouse.
He found a clasp on my back and fiddled a bit, loosened the breasts, undoing the top buttons.
Having admired them, he leaned over and began kissing my nipples alternately.
To make it more convenient, we moved to the ottoman and now sat together, not losing the opportunity to observe the performance of the imagination and not interrupting caresses.

The husband, having finished with Olesya, who saw him pretty quickly, sat down beside us.
The men divided my breasts and kissed them simultaneously, touching each other with their heads bowed.
Then they touched each other with their hands, caressing me between the legs, which I threw over their thighs, shamelessly revealing to the public a wide view of my open vagina, again wet from persistent caresses.
Then we kissed all three of us, my clit was stroked with two fingers at once, and immediately two languages ??studied my mouth.
Olesya was already sucking at the same time Arnold and Sasha, without ever deciding which one to choose.
In the end, she still found the correct answer, unmistakably guessing the member of her man from seven possible options.
Sasha was delighted with this as winning the lottery and, catching her friend under the ass, took her to the sofa, where he sat down on her chest, continued the interrupted blowjob.
His example was followed by Arnold and Ivan.

Without objection, the girl was courting all three, giving them equal attention and trying to be inventive.
Ivan, however, soon got tired of this entertainment and he went to the table.
And Arnold and Sasha, rejecting the exquisite caresses, began to fuck Olesya in the mouth, then alternately, both at once, helping themselves with their hands.
Alexey and her husband were already very excited, their members rested on me from two sides and I could not deny myself the pleasure of caressing them.
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