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Periodically, her palm touched the fabric of the panties, fitting the crotch, so successfully turned to the entrance to the hall.
Stas lowered his sports bag from his shoulder and pushed it into a corner, deciding that it was too early to leave.
He settled down comfortably and eagerly watched the almost naked girl in the hall, who was still more erotic than caressing herself.
His cock firmly protruded forward, and Stas was ready to put his hand in his shorts to also caress himself a little.
– Oh! – a quiet female voice from the side abruptly brought the young man out of pleasure.

Stas jerked away from the door and turned to the source of the sound.
He managed to notice only the hand of the girl, who immediately ran back around the corner.
A second later, a naked shoulder and head with wet hair appeared from behind the wall.
The girl looked suspiciously at the young man, took him a quick glance from top to bottom, and froze at the sight of his intense excitement.
Stas recognized her as one of the girls of the group – Ira.
Her eyes widened, her mouth opened in silent indignation, and Stas, remembering himself, quickly covered himself with his hands, blushing wildly.
The girl jumped out from around the corner and, outraged by a loud whisper, attacked the guy: – You !.

What are you !.
Peeping ?! – she actively waved her hands, while Stas quickly figured out what to do.
But nothing occurred to her, and Ira was definitely moving towards the entrance to the hall.
Stas’s thoughts were very disturbed by the fact that the girl had nothing but a towel wrapped around her chest, which didn’t have enough length to hide the legs, which still had water droplets running down.
The enraged girl was already reaching for the door handle, and the young man, frightened, tried to stop her: – Stop !.
She is.
Olga is.
Do not go! – He gave all that came to mind.
Ira looked suspiciously at Stas again, but did not open the door.
She quickly sat down and looked inside.
Her mouth opened again, picking up air in the chest with a very surprised ah.
She pressed herself closer to the keyhole and exhaled quietly: – Wow! Stas stood for a bit, but the girl was obviously not going to break away from viewing, occasionally gasping and exhaling “Wow.”
And he decided that now is the time to slip away slowly.
But then Ira turned away from the well and looked with her big eyes at Stas: – I will get dressed and come back now! – and without waiting for an answer, she ran into the locker room.
The young man looked out over the corner, watching the escaping girl, sparkling heels, and headed for the bag.

But from the hall I heard a quiet moan that made Stas instantly return to the keyhole.
The trainer was no longer wearing panties, she was lying on her back with divorced legs, between which the excited pussy was glistening with moisture.
The fingers of one hand ran across the sex lips, and the other hand was pulling at the swollen nipples of the sexy breasts.
Stas regretted that he missed so many interesting things because of the girl.
But Ira, most likely, will not return soon.
While dressed, while drying her long hair, while gathering.
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