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Having done his job and promaknuvshis toilet paper, Vika unexpectedly for myself kept her hand between her legs.
The tension accumulated during this insane, absolutely unlikely day, required a way out, since there was no one else in the toilet.
Still squatting over the sunken point on the low pedestal in the floor, she touched the clitoris with her finger and let out a light moan.
She planned to discharge quickly, but fate decided otherwise.
A man suddenly appeared at the entrance to her booth (she was not provided with doors prudently).

He literally appeared as if out of thin air, because it was not the door slamming, nor Vika heard any footsteps.
And worst of all, it was a man.
The skinny goggle looked down at her, grinning triumphantly.
All the same extensive panties with an incomprehensible emblem proudly bristled in front.
Vika gave him in return the look of a hunted beast.
It was clear to give up.

“Give your wand, persistent,” she sighed.
– uboltal.
However, rather, it was like a club.
Sucking on a brackish prick, Vika held her dick at the base with one hand, while the other caressed herself, rubbing the tubercle of her clitoris, and periodically running her fingers into moist folds.
The guy grabbed her head with his hands, but not rudely, but in his own way affectionately, his fingers, running into his hair, brought some additional pleasure.
From time to time he loudly and enthusiastically said something in English, admiring her oral abilities and encouraging him to continue the work he had begun.
These cries most of all to Vika and bothered – in her opinion, their husband and children simply could not hear them.
Strangely enough, these thoughts excited even more, and for the first time Vika had finished earlier than her partner.
After releasing the cock from his mouth and half-breathing with a feeling of half-breathing with something like: “Mmmmmmaaaah !.

“She plunged into nirvana for a while.
And having recovered, she almost decided that her fear had come true – another man appeared in the toilet room.
But it was not Sergey and not one of her sons.
The red-haired, freckled guy with the countenance of a village louder was dressed in panties with the exact same emblem of a bespectacled emblem.
A whole gang, Vika thought.
“But how do they get in?” After all, they cannot ignore them! ”
Redhead meanwhile busily pulled down his pants.
Equipped, he was no worse than his friend, who, meanwhile, picked up Vika’s armpits and put on his feet.
But only then, to immediately bend her in the belt and again stick your dick in your mouth.
A redhead fell in behind.
“What a shame,” the thought flashed.
– “They are twenty years younger than me!”
Ginger in a businesslike poking at her pussy, first with two, then three fingers.
Somehow he was so clever at it that the waves of pleasure overwhelmed Vika.

Having brought the lady almost to the frenzy, the redhead licked her fingers and finally entered her.
The guys easily caught the rhythm, Vika grabbed her hands in the hips of the bespectacled, so as not to lose balance, and their whole trio worked harmoniously, as a single organism.
Back and forth, push-push, for the first time in her life, Viktoria Zagibina was impaled on two dicks at the same time and she liked it.
However, the redhead turned out to be so good, and the fucking movements in his pussy brought so much pleasure that Vika soon forgot about the second partner, releasing him from his mouth and starting to moan – louder and louder.
The bespectacled, however, was not upset.
Taking Vika by the hair, he turned her head and began to masturbate his dick, occasionally slapping his partner in the face.
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