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His penis rose to the fighting position.
He was without panties !!! She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth.
His penis was about 17 centimeters in length.
Then she looked up for a second, looked at me and winked.
I got it.

I realized that now the three of us will have sex.
Wit took off his shirt and now stood completely naked.
Lena rose from her knees and approached me.
Dropped to her knees again.
I helped her cope with my pants, and we quickly removed them.
Then they just ripped off my shirt, and she began to suck my young man.
After a couple of minutes, she began kisses up my body.
Our lips met.
our tongues are intertwined.
we hugged each other with bodies.
At this point, I felt that my body began to suck.
“Who?” flashed in my head.
I tried to remove Lena to see who was doing it.
Lena smiled.
– This is Wit.
He likes it.
Let sucks your dick.
Do you like? The sensations were pleasant.
Moreover, when you do not see who sucks, and you can not tell who is this man or woman.
She knelt before me again. Wireless ir webcam.