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They are very close, but busy with themselves.
Water droplets roll over their bodies, one girl’s legs are spread apart, and she rubs her knee with her palms, wiping water from her.
Droplets fall off her swimsuit and drip onto the bedspread.
Of course, I was attracted by the fact that under her pantyhose – a thin strip cannot hide everything that she should.
And my index finger and thumb have long squeezed the head of an excited member with a ring.

I see that because of the lack of hairs under the girl’s swimming trunks, the fabric cannot hide the size of her lips there — she is excited by bathing and the warmth of the sun warms her.
She holds her palms between her legs, and I see how after that her big lips swelled and their shape became visible.
She does not attach any importance to this.
Looking at this, I forgot myself and: – it turns out the girl saw what I was doing with my dick.
Her hand stopped, because she stroked herself mechanically, just enjoying the wiping and warming up after the water.
She froze, and her gaze rested on my fingers and what was in them.
The second girl was already lying face down, substituting the back and shoulders of the scorching sun.
I tried to quickly hide my farm in swimming trunks.

but it was too late.
: she got up and approached me.
a thin strip of her trunks did not hide almost anything.
She squatted next to me and looked into my eyes — her gaze was misty and beautiful.
I was embarrassed.
but all the clarity of the situation was given by the form of a highly stressed member, which was almost stuck out of the bottoms.
She sat down next to her and ran her hand over my trunks.
and all this looking into my eyes.
Then she drew off her gum with her fingers and took my dick in her palm.
her lips parted, and I heard her deep breathing: I did not hear mine.
Her fingers closed, and she made them move up and down.
and the downward movement was slow and protracted.
My hand propped up my head, and the second I touched her still cool feet.
I reached out and untied a loose knot on the top of the swimsuit on her back.
he fell on the bedspread.
Her breasts were as tanned as the rest of her skin – apparently she often sunbathed topless.
Nipples were swollen and hard.
They rested so tightly on my palm when I stroked them.
She, caressing my cock with one hand, held the second between her legs.
I could not stand it and untied the second bundle, which was already on her thigh – the melts slipped down, opening for me what I wanted to see 10 minutes ago.

My palm slipped there and what I felt with my finger was no longer cool! My fingers felt her pulse and moisture: She kissed me first on the lips, and then gracefully bowed and took the head of my dick in her mouth: I felt her tongue on it first, and then the palate and how she squeezed it in her lips.
Then she strongly and gently caressed the head with her tongue, moved the handle and already almost the whole member plunged into it.
With one hand I helped her, and she began to caress herself with her free hand.
A friend did not hear anything.
she just lay upside down.
putting a book under his head.
Probably slept.
She suddenly took me by the hand, jerking up her own hand slightly, and showed me with a gesture to the hips, in which there was a clear glade of sand – no one was near this place.
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