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After the toilet, she felt completely weak and empty, like a washing machine after washing.
It was necessary to pour two more liters of the remaining milk.
This time everything went very quickly, the stomach didn’t boil like that, and only that milk that she had recently filled there poured from it.
After resting a little after the second enema, Maya moved to the hall, where the cone had already been lying on the table, handed to her by Martha.
It was the same as Marta, with the same ruby ??handle.

Looking at him, Maya once again thought that her butt would just burst into pieces, and she would die from blood loss if she tried to shove him to herself.
Even more worried about her question, how then to get a cone.
Suddenly he gets stuck there, and she can’t get it on her own?

Then she will have to go to the doctor and explain to him for a long time how he got there.
She imagined the facial expression of the doctor to whom she would say that she had come out of the bathroom and accidentally sat on him, and now she cannot reach him.
But before her eyes there was still a fresh picture of how easily Martha thrusts and pulls a cone from her priests.
She carefully smeared the cone and her anus before lying on her back on the sofa and slowly beginning to introduce him to her ass.
The cone began to slowly expand the sphincter muscles.
Maya relaxed as much as possible and started pushing him out of the abdomen with her abdominal muscles, as if she were tugging at the toilet.
So Martha taught her.
There was nothing in it, so she had nothing to fear from getting dirty.

Pushing the cone with the abdominal muscles, she continued to push the cone, controlling the relaxed state of her sphincter.
The cone began to go deeper and deeper.
She did not have time to notice how he slipped inside and the sphincter slammed on the thin part connecting the handle and the cone.
Now he was completely in her.
The feeling of joy overwhelmed her.
She did it! The feeling was really strange.
She felt like stuffed turkey.
The incessant pressure in the pope was exciting.
She began to caress herself, first the chest, and then down.
She loved to masturbate, but this time her arousal was much higher.
Labia puffed out, exposing the clitoris.
C270 webcam review.